Blogpost Tapas Style.

I have a blog post for you that resembles Spanish tapas more than anything else. What we have here is a wide for variety of delicious news snippets since I know we’ve left you a little hungry for updates as of late. It’s probably not everything you want to hear but at least it’s to tell you that we are alive and heavily working on Vladyn’s update . Hey, that’s part of the reason there’s were no updates really.


1. New Website!


First bit of tasty news, we have a new website! We’ve far out grown our old site, especially since we haven’t even updated anything on there at all. Now the game homepages and blog will be in one place.  It hasn’t interrupted Vladyn’s update at all, because…

2. Here Comes a New Challenger!

There’s fresh blood on the battlefield. We’ve needed a bit of a helping hand getting things done around here, so we acquired a freelancer! He’s working along side us to help us with production tasks, webdev, and anything we really need.  He’s a long time friend, and we’ve worked with him at other companies. His name is Khoeun, AKA Fish, AKA KTEP, AKA Clam Shucker, AKA Crab Crusher.  He’s the reason we were able to update the site without interrupting Valdis Story’s full time production.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

3. Enemy Concepts Continued

In the last blog post I shared the design process on new enemy development. We’ve made a lot of progress since then. Scroll below to see what the in game sprites look like for the enemy in the last blog post and a look at a whole new one. Some of you pointed out how it’s very different from the other enemies in the game and you’re right. The zone that’s coming out in the next update doesnt have Angels, Demons or Ferals. It will have a new enemy type.




4. Updates on Vladyn

We don’t have a date for Vladyn’s update but there’s a lot of new stuff coming along with him. We’re getting pretty close. It’s been longer than expected so apologies about that. Here’s some Vladyn screenshots.

CropperCapture[466] vladyn_2


5. New Tune

Zack recently finished up Vladyn’s new theme. Give it a listen-

6. Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the Mac build coming out?      The Mac build will be bundled with Valdyn’s update.  Note: This will be the first time we develop anything for Mac so we don’t expect things to go smoothly. Bare with us and thanks for being extremely patient on this front!
  • Will you port to Playstation, Xbox, Vita, ect.?  Should we be able to port, any and all ports will have to wait until all content is complete. That means Gilda and Vladyn versions. To be honest, even though we love the idea, we’re hitting game dev fatigue with Valdis Story so we really appreciate the inquiries but it also depends on the economic feasibility and ease to produce said port.
  • Translation? Again this is much easier when all content is complete( Gilda and Vladyn Patches). Implementing different languages is a tedious task. Having a third person on hand in the studio does make this easier.
  • Can I make a let’s play video of Valdis Story and put ads on it? YES. One million times, YES.
  • So, like,  when will the Vladyn update happen ? Sooooooooooon but no date, sorry! Keep a look out on here for that kind of info! Remember, this isn’t dlc. It will just be updated with the game you already own.


That’s all for now. At some point I’d like to get us back to updating weekly but we’ve been concentrating on finishing the game.


ps: this blog post was brought you by my love for the food in Dragon’s Crown.

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24 Responses to Blogpost Tapas Style.

  1. Lovely track, Zack.

    Also, since my prediction for original Valdis Story was spot-on, making the prediction for update: mid-November/early December 2014.

    Looking forward seeing news regarding new project.

  2. Hola, Carolina. Acá un compatriota peruano. Hace tiempo quería escribirles, aunque a veces es un poco difícil saber qué decir más allá de “amo el juego! wiii!” Pero en realidad he estado jugando Valdis Story: Abyssal City desde hace un tiempo y no sé ni cómo describir el ‘feeling’ que me produce. Todo en el juego es perfecto, la música y el arte por sobre todo. Siento que me transportan a un lugar de nostalgia que no puedo determinar por completo. Quizás sea un poco raro pero siento que han creado algo increible y me ha hecho empezar a jugar juegos como este nuevamente y con bastante afán, y por más que busco entre varios juegos de este estilo, siempre regreso a Valdis y no encuentro nada que se le compare. En otras palabras, quiero más y más de Valdis y espero ver muchas cosas más de Endless fluff. Ahora viene la parte de: les deseo muchos éxitos y que sigan creando cosas tan geniales como Valdis y con un estilo artístico tan increible. Tu arte rockea!
    Sigan adelante 🙂

    • Carolina! says:

      Hey! otro peruano! No se encuentran mucho donde yo vivo!^_^ Voy a practicar escribiendo español con tigo. Estoy muy contenta que te gusta el juego tanto. Nos encanta crear, jugar los juegos y crecimos con los clásicos de los años 80 y 90. Así , cuando estamos creando un projecto, prestamos mucha atención a los detallitos. Alo mejor eso es lo que aprecias. Sé que nos ha tomado un tiempo para poner el update y ya que estás buscando más juegos , hay algunos websites interesantes. Se llaman, y Aye muchas que se ven buenas. Muchísimas gracias por sus amables palabras y estoy muy feliz de que hayan disfrutado el juego tanto . Y perdoname por mi espanol, que no escribo mucho!

      • Gracias por las recomendaciones! Voy a ver las páginas, a ver si encuentro algo interesante. En serio Valdis me hace sentir las mismas sensaciones que sentía cuando jugué varios juegos de SNES por primera vez y que aún siento cuando los juego ahora. Además, la historia me encanta, espero que en el futuro haya una continuación y que tengan el mismo o mayor éxito. Y sí, los detalles son geniales. Me encanta la dificultad del juego y cómo realmente te pide que tengas habilidad al jugarlo. La verdad es que no me molesta esperar por el update porque sé que eso implica que le están metiendo harta chamba de calidad.
        No te preocupes por el español, yo llevo dos años viviendo en UK y ya se me raya la escritura en español de vez en cuando. Les deseo lo mejor con Endless fluff!


  3. T_Caramel says:

    That’s a nice update ! I love the cutscene screenshot and the new enemy design. However, it seems that Vladyn is making his cat explode in order to beat the ogre…how I am going to manage watching phantom kitties sacrifice themselves =( ? This is gonna be hard.

    • Carolina! says:

      Haha. I recorded that gif precisely because it looked like that. In actuality vladyn’s shot gun did it and the little guy kicked the bucket at the same time… that doesn’t really eliminate the possibility of phantom kitties exploding tho

  4. evilskillit says:

    Looking forward to the updates, don’t burn yourselves out tho guys. As a kickstarter backer I want to see more games from Endless Fluff some day!

    • Carolina! says:

      Thanks for kickstarting us, evilskillit 🙂 We’re really excited to work on new things after we deliver everything we promised. We just wish we could pump out these updates sooner.

  5. Myhr2 says:

    Awesome news, I can’t wait to try Vladyn (and I’m not even talking about Gilda, but…patience is the key) The look of the new ennemies is very interesting, I’m guessing some phantom/lost souls theme, can’t wait to learn more about it! Keep the good work!

    • Carolina! says:

      Haha. Well the idea is that Vladyn’s update is much larger than Gildas because of extra content. So, she wont take AS long. But hey we didn’t start that one yet sooo yea thanks for being so patient with us!

  6. zmashko says:

    Looking forward to sinking another 40 hours into this game ;p. Can’t wait for this. Nice work!

  7. IsThisPurgatory says:

    Phewwww I’m so stoked for this. This game deserves to be way more popular! Looking forward to Vladyn and Gilda updates.

  8. Von says:

    No info on linux again? :<

    • Carolina! says:

      It would fall under the Ports part of the FAQ on this post.
      But here’s our statement from our kickstarter. It still stands-

      Here’s a copy paste:

      “We will be looking into porting the game to other platforms, but they will not be available on launch with the PC version. A Mac version is most likely be the first port we make.

      We’ve received some requests for a Linux port so we got in contact with a specialist in porting games to Linux that was suggested to us by a number of you in emails. The engine the game is built does not currently have support for Linux, and we won’t know if we will get what we need to make it happen until a few months from now. The first steps have been taken, but this is where the port for Linux stands right now.

      If they are possible the ports will take some time, but we will give it our best.”

  9. Lurkermeyer says:

    I am so stoked for this update. Vladyn is the character I got a sketch of in the VS:AC artbook. 😀

    • Carolina! says:

      That is so cool to hear which drawing ended up in your hands. That was one crazy weekend where we sat down and pumped out 80+ drawings. It was one of the most fun parts of the kickstarter. We did something different for every book. There were only about 6 Vladyns total! I’ve thought about sharing the photos of all drawings because I think it would make an entertaining post.

  10. Mark says:

    Arrrgh, I want this update so bad. Holding off on another playthrough right now…

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