The Bow and Dagger!

This weeks update is the first look at the bow and Dagger Weapon you guys voted on to be added to the game.

Adding this weapon in was pretty fun. I had a pretty good idea on how it’s game play would differ from the sword, but there was still quite a bit of changes through out the process.

At the start I knew the bow and dagger would have a faster attack speed so that was easy. With the sword equiped, holding down the attack button performs a heavy/strong attack that can guard break. I wanted to replace heavy attacks with the bow attack so that you would tap attack for dagger and hold attack for arrow. After some testing I felt like holding the attack for the arrow was breaking up the fast paced flow that this weapon needs so I tried a different approach.

Since the bow and dagger set doesn’t have a heavy attack that can guard break it really shouldn’t use the slow hold the button commands anyway. I changed it to all tapping fast attacks, but weather or not you were standing still or holding left/right direction buttons determined weather you used the bow or the dagger. This worked well and maintained the high speed combat I was looking for, but I could tell this would style would be a problem for some player, and it just wasn’t perfect yet.

Finally I remembered I had already implemented a targeting system for one of the other abilities in the game so I set the weapon to choose weather you use the bow or dagger based on your distance to the nearest target. This not only helped the fast pace of this weapon but really made positioning with this weapon more important. The dagger does more damage then the bow but you have to risk getting really close up to your target. Not being able to guard break forces you to get behind targets or use magic mid combo to open up blocking targets.

Another fun development that came about while designing this weapon was how it handles defense. I took away its ability to block and instead gave it an evasive dodge back flip. This really turned the bow and dagger to an all out offensive weapon kit that remains accessible while still requiring skill to master.

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2 Responses to The Bow and Dagger!

  1. Shiru says:

    Nice update ! Yes, I think that you find the good way to implement the bow with the dagger :).
    Is the music from the game ?? It’s awesome :O !

    Wyatt is really fast with the dagger ! That’s nice !! I like the “Hide” spell too :).
    Is there a way to pre-order the game ? (Payable with paypal if possible :D)

    PS: I’m still impressed by the fact you’re using Game Maker for making this awesome game O_O !

  2. Scott says:

    That looks bad-ass and I am unrepentant about voting for the bow-and-dagger. Rock on!

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