From Concept to Life ( Templar pt.1)

For this series of post I will show the development of the Alagathian Templar. The Templars design is based of off the Angel Knight enemy from the original VS demo (pixel sprite on the left). They are the answer to the Demon Ogres. In the new design I wanted them to appear more beefy and defensive to better show their role in combat.

The Templar will play a much different role in a fight than the entirely Offensive Focused Ogres. I want them to pose an indirect threat that forces the player to make a conscious decision on who they attack first in a group fight. The Templar have a high chance to block and parry, that coupled with their high armor stat makes them a nightmare for weapon users. Casting spells is definitely the way to go when dealing with them, however the real threat come from their revive ability. Templar can occasionally resurrect other angels that have died nearby, prolonging the battle. Is taking out the Templar your top priority, or is it too dangerous to leave the other angels alive while you chip away at this defensive foe?

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