Title Screen Art

There’s only a hand full of things left to do on Legend of Fae but it seems like a lot when both people working on it have full time jobs.  While Kyron’s been plugging away at revamping the upgrade screen, I’ve been working on Title Screen art.

It’s pretty neat how implementing finalized art changes your experience with your game. Before this, the place holder title screen was very bare bones.  It was an old sketch of the main character, Claudia on a blank background with our old working title “Fantasy Puzzler” in some strange font. The placeholder title screen has been up there since before we had a good idea of what the main character looked like, let alone the title of the game. As we approach completion, a lot of the uncertainties that we had when we made that placeholder are gone.  We finally have an image that more accurately sets the mood for the game and I think I can speak for the both of us when I say, we are really happy to get rid of that old one!

If you really like it, you can make it your wallpaper! Sizes below!

1024 X768




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3 Responses to Title Screen Art

  1. Stefan says:

    Looks great – especially the small details like the “refering-lamp” ^^

    Thought about getting Puzzle Quest 2, but after seeing more of Legend of Fae a few months ago – I decided to spare the money. Cant wait to enjoy your game 🙂

  2. Carolina! says:

    Hey Stefan, glad you’re enjoying what we’re working on. Comments like yours are really motivational so thanks for stopping by to share. I’ve only played Puzzle Quest 1, after a certain point I got my butt handed to me. I shoulda rolled druid!

  3. Shadoboxxer says:

    Mish, I love coming back to this site from time to time to catch up on all the game stuff and learning a few things from all the great work you put up here. Thanks for doing regular updates as well. It keeps me motivated.

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