Spend’n money.

We finally figured out what to do with the prize money we received from Nimbus Sky Princess’ third place win in the Yoyo games 5th competition.  The money will be spent on disaster prevention!  I’m not even kidding.  We became aware of some issues in our workflow during Kyron’s recent video card meltdown.   All of our game files are hosted on that machine.  If it randomly decides to kick the bucket we would probably have to think of ways to pick the bucket back up and that would probably too expensive.  So the plan is to buy this awesome network back up system .  We will love it dearly because it will hold our game projects and comes with a built in blueray writer for archiving.  It’s a little bit on the expensive side but it’s more of a long term investment for keeping our files safe and organized.  I’m going to be really paranoid until it gets here.

In other news,  I found a really awesome write up for Nimbus Sky Princess written by Nathan Meunier.  Aside from him saying some really positive things, I also felt like he caught the spirit of the game nicely.

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5 Responses to Spend’n money.

  1. Auptie says:

    I’m having some issues with your releases; sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    I’ve downloaded both titles twice, and the problems remained.

    After extracting and running Sky Princess, I receive the following error:

    action number 4
    of Step Event
    for object player:

    COMPILATION ERROR in code action
    Error in code at line 54:
    at position 3: Unknown function or script: sprite_set_precise

    For Valids the game takes a considerable about of time to load, and then plays with no sound.

    • Kyron says:

      Whoops! I accidentally upgraded Nimbus to GM 8 during one of the times when I was saving it. I reverted it back to GM 7 and it should work fine if you re download it. As for Valdis Story It just has to be redone. It was the first major project I made and it’s performance is pretty miserable. There will be later updates when we get around to re working Valdis Story.

      • Auptie says:

        Alright, Kyron, no worries. I’ll be following you from now on. There’s a lot of potential here; I expect wonderful things from you lads. In particular I’m interested in your art direction.

        Oh, and be sure to get that “About” page up as soon as possible! Good luck.

  2. Titanium says:

    I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed by you guys. If you finish a game you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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