Short Update! We are in the process of upgrading Legend of Fae from GM7 up to GM8. So far it’s going smoother then anticipated.

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We are playing through the entire game looking for bugs and other things to polish. New feedback sound fx for cursor presses are being added as well as a small tweak to the mana system. Enjoy a few screens and concept sketches of some of the many strange Fae creatures encountered in the game!

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2 Responses to Upgrading!

  1. Alphonse says:

    ….. -_-

    Valdis Story FTW!

    • Titanium says:

      This is a very unique battle system that looks like it would do well on a DS. I don’t see how it can be driven story-wise though. The system doesn’t seem to allow much of that from what I can see plus it may get a bit repetitive; however, the concept is different and I don’t fully understand it. I really hope for the success of this project.

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