Holidays and New Years!

Heyo People of the Blog!
Whoa- I missed a bunch of posts! This time of the year is so incredibly busy- it’s the holidays but our little Roxie also turned 2 years old! O.O She’s so wonderful and although parenting throws my work hours off a lot, I utilize the time I have so much better. Way better than I ever did before.

I didn’t get to wish you a Happy Holiday Season but I will wish you a …


I hope you get exactly what you need from this new chapter. While I am a little sad Fae Tactics didn’t release in 2019- 2020 feels like a fresh start. We are doing pretty good. We are managing and optimistic. Personally I learned a lot in 2019. Every year as a parent, I’m learning stuff. I did not cook. Now it’s just this stat that continues to gain experience. As an artist, I’ve gotten better and faster. And I don’t talk much about this but- woo anxiety is on the decline! I am really just so happy- and I hope you are taking care of you too!

Did you know that 2020 will mark Endlessfluff’s Games 10th Year. Look, my first blog post from 10 years ago! 

First post! We founded Endlessfluff Games on December 10th 2010.

If you have any questions about our company. Feel free to ask and I can make a post about it.

Here’s to a more thoughtful 2020! 😀



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Time keeps on slippin slippin’

Hey Guys!

As you may have realized, it’s November.  As much as we try to slow down time, it moves along smoothly. At this point saying the game is going to come out this year is just not even a good idea. There’s only 1 month left and December is not a great time to put out a game since it will compete with so many great ones. I really can’t wait for that one blog post where I can just give you a date already! Just know that we are still working hard over here. Thanks so much for your patience! You’ve been waiting forever and I really hope the game meets your expectations – we definitely are putting in the work for it.

There were more tweaks done. Gameplay tips can be seen during a stage loading screen. There was an edit to add more pages so that you can either continue onto the next stage or “turn the page” and read more tips. That was just a minor change but that’s an example of a suggestion from the QA support we get with Humble Bundle as our publisher.

This week in art, I did some portraits for totems and I did a BUNCH of character drawings. Enjoy!

Did you know that Kyron and I are out there on some Social Medias? We are on these ones- some less active than others but check it!

OK onward to next week- Have a great one!




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Still Here!


Hey, I’m back for my weekly check in and this week’s news is, well it’s pretty much the same as it was last week.  Still testing out the game, making sure the over all experience is great and making tweaks along the way. At this point we are working together with our publisher Humble Bundle to make the best product we can.  I hope no matter what, that you can stay excited for Fae Tactics  while we wrestle with this final stage of development!  Anyway aside from game testing, tweaking and improving the over all experience I also made some art for Sam’s music credit info at the start of the game:


I would love to tell you more but it has to wait. Until next time!




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