Fae Tactics OUT NOW!

We are pleased as punch to announce the release of our 3rd title Fae Tactics for PC! We’d like to take this time to give a HUGE thank out partners that helped make Fae Tactics what it is today! Thank You Humble Games, our publisher, Sam English our music composer, Hyper Duck for our Sound Effects and GameMaker our engine!

In Fae Tactics, follow a young magic user named Peony on her journey across a vibrant world full of mystery and danger. Summon allies, cast spells, and befriend a motley crew of characters as you dive into the growing conflicts between man and magical beings known as fae.

Fae Tactics is available $20.00

Buy it on Now Humble or Steam!

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July 31st PC Release Date Announcement !

Hi Everyone!

Clear your calender, July 31st is it!

14 DAYS!

After all the things we’ve went through as a team and a family making games, we are so excited to finally have Fae Tactics release just around the corner. I hope that it brings you as much joy as it brought us making it.

Fae Tactics coming soon!

Thanks for all the support over the years and for following our game development.



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Fae Tactics Developer Live Stream!

The Steam Games Festival continues today with a developer live stream! Kyron will be playing the game today at 3:00 EDT. It will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Join us!

Here’s the link




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