May! What?

Hey, I hope you all are as happy and healthy as you can be at this time!

I still feel like we are in February. A lot of me is left in February.  I have to adjust… we are indeed in MAY now.

We are ok. We are in NYC which is… well it is insane the amount of change that has happened from this post since the last…   My brain is still in February but at the same time it feels like a whole year has passed. Very strange. Anyway, I don’t think you need me to tell you the on goings of the world – I just hope you guys are doing ok!!

This Month’s Humble Choice features a Fae Tactics Demo!


Our publisher Humble Bundle has dropped the Fae Tactics Demo with this months Humble Choice! If you’re really hungry to play or are a subscriber already you can finally play a preview of Fae Tactics!

I had a really fun time watching a french streamer Gautoz play. It is so nice to finally see people play this thing.

What else were we doing. I’m playing a bit of catch up here but…


Switch Port!

…and all of the required optimization for it! It’s been a loooong time but all the optimization has made a tremendous improvement. Even the graphics have improved because some graphics were replaced with shaders and well, shaders are very pretty.  They are light and fluffy and will definitely be utilized in future games. In fact a lot of the stuff that was learned through this arduous optimization process will be utilized in our future games. So bare with us, Endlessfluff Games has been pumping some gamedev iron. ┗(`皿´)┛


Did you see humble brag 2020? We are set for release in Spring 2020! Watch below!


That’s where I’ll end today’s post! I just want to make a quick note- I have read your questions in the last post. A lot has happened since then.   I still intend to answer them! Sorry you’ve had to wait so long…

Stay happy and healthy~!


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11 Responses to May! What?

  1. Karfein says:

    Seeing a game with “Fae” in the title and realizing that it’s yours is the best part of this month’s Humble Choice 🙂 After Stella Glow I’m in for more tactical fun.

    • Caro! says:

      Hey! Our first game also had Fae in the title and is related to this one! So that’s 2 games 😀 I hope you enjoy the game !

  2. Marcus Allan says:

    I know this is definitely barking up the wrong tree/definitely for the wrong game…and considering how many years it has been since it’s release, probably not possible (lol)…but is there still ANY chance at all…of a Switch/PS4/XB1 release of “Valdis Story: Abyssal City”, one of the best Metroidvania style games ever? “Fae Tactics” looks awesome btw…but it’s hard to find a cool game like Valdis Story anymore. And such cool characters and combat/gameplay system should definitely be played by more people.

    But yeah, keep up with the awesome games on your end! Hope everyone is keeping safe!

    • Caro! says:

      Hey Marcus! So many people want Valdis Story on consoles. Shit, I want Valdis Story on Consoles lol… I hate to disappoint but the honest answer is, Fae Tactics was easier to put on consoles and even with this game – its a really hard task! So I can’t even imagine how hard Valdis Story would be, seeing as how it is built in an older engine. This is our first foray into porting and there was a lot to changes and things to optimize. It’s not something we could even easily hire out to do(if we even had the budget). It’s not easy because we’d have to be in such close conversations with someone who was porting it that there wouldn’t be a new game to work on for a while. For us the the fulfilling part of the job is building new characters, stories, worlds and mechanics. A port would be a really taxing creatively speaking. That being said, of coarse it would be a dream come true.

      • James Spring says:

        Why don’t you just license it to someone? It would sell like hotcakes in the Switch. It’s an bummer, I played it on my mate’s PC yesterday and fell in love with the combat system. Couldn’t believe it hasn’t been ported in 6 years. I’m seriously considering buying a used PC to play it on.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hi Caro! A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the Fae Tactics page on Humble Bundle and it’s been on my radar ever since. I’m a diehard tactical RPG fan, although my love for Disgaea’s fast paced game play has almost ruined me for other games in the genre.

    When I noticed a surprise Fae Tactics demo in the downloads list of my Humble Classic membership, I was elated.

    I’ve played through the first 3 or 4 missions now, and I’m really liking Fae Tactics. I feel like you’re addressing two of the biggest missteps tactical RPGs are making nowadays, which are sluggish turns and over use of menus. After just putting about 50 hours into Fire Emblem Three Houses, I definitely appreciate the intuitive way Fae Tactics handles movement, attacking, and assisting. I also like how the game plays really well with either a mouse or controller.

    Highly anticipating the final game, good luck and stay safe!

    • Caro! says:

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the demo. It’s so great to hear people like you are finally getting a chance to play the thing we’ve made these past few years! The design is Kyron’s doing but that’s exactly the way he felt about tactical RPGs – loved FFT , really missed somethings and didn’t miss other things. Thanks for the kind words and thank for playing 😀 You stay safe too!

  4. Adam says:

    Hi Caro! I too am quite pumped for this entry on the Switch!! Do you have an idea when in ‘Spring’ it will be available to download on the Nintendo eSHOP? Just finished Trials of Mana last night and I am hoping to jump right into Fae Tactics next!

    Thanks for your hard work!

  5. Chimaobi says:

    Greetings! Congrats on the Fae demo coming with the bundle that’s great exposure. I’m glad to hear you guys are well after such long silence, let’s get this Fae release out so all the money out there can find you 😀

  6. draconian says:

    can we get an updates?

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