Holidays and New Years!

Heyo People of the Blog!
Whoa- I missed a bunch of posts! This time of the year is so incredibly busy- it’s the holidays but our little Roxie also turned 2 years old! O.O She’s so wonderful and although parenting throws my work hours off a lot, I utilize the time I have so much better. Way better than I ever did before.

I didn’t get to wish you a Happy Holiday Season but I will wish you a …


I hope you get exactly what you need from this new chapter. While I am a little sad Fae Tactics didn’t release in 2019- 2020 feels like a fresh start. We are doing pretty good. We are managing and optimistic. Personally I learned a lot in 2019. Every year as a parent, I’m learning stuff. I did not cook. Now it’s just this stat that continues to gain experience. As an artist, I’ve gotten better and faster. And I don’t talk much about this but- woo anxiety is on the decline! I am really just so happy- and I hope you are taking care of you too!

Did you know that 2020 will mark Endlessfluff’s Games 10th Year. Look, my first blog post from 10 years ago! 

First post! We founded Endlessfluff Games on December 10th 2010.

If you have any questions about our company. Feel free to ask and I can make a post about it.

Here’s to a more thoughtful 2020! 😀



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7 Responses to Holidays and New Years!

  1. moth2017 says:

    happy new year to you guys too! i am very happy you are growing! cheers

    about your company, how did you manage? hardships and such, how did you overcome. i wuld like to read about it. i myself am an indie but am earning my pay with commisions. but what i really want is to start earning from my own games, create a community around them, etc.

    thank you.

    • Caro! says:

      Hey! That sounds like a great question. I can probably make a post about that reply. I think a lot has to do with the climate of games back then too. It was different when we started but I’ll try to ‘paint the picture’ in the post.

  2. Jake Vinson says:

    Hey there! Just wanted to let you know i’ve been following your game for a good while now, and it’s awesome to see a fellow Family Man putting it in and making it work. Glad to hear your life is on the up and up.
    Your game looks super good and I’m super excited to play it. Take your time!

  3. Chimaobi says:

    Happy new year to you and your beautiful family! I chuckled at your “did not cook” line! I’m getting a food processor and investing more time into cooking and baking with my kids in 2020, I haven’t baked since I was a teenager so it’s gonna be spectacular to learn again with the kids. Wishing you guys a glorious start of the year.

  4. mithrandir says:

    happy new years and happy belated birthday to Roxie! it’d be really interesting to hear about what the snags/complications were that you guys ran into that set you back from releasing Fae Tactics early 2019, to fall 2019, to 2020 and what your goals are now. also did those setbacks affect your relationship with your publisher or are they understanding?

    side note: the fae tactics website ( still has a banner saying “coming 2019!” just so you know 🙂

  5. Andre says:

    Hi my name is Andre from Jamaica and I still play valdis story abyssal city til this day my question to you is are there any more additional content that needs to be added to valdis….and if so….will it be added?

  6. Chimaobi says:

    Hey, EF. It’s been a minute, I hope you three are making ends meet and keeping healthy during this crisis. I was looking for you on Patreon but didn’t find you so maybe you’re not there? Sending you some fortifying energies and hoping the little one is having fun during the quarantine/isolation period. Ps.: The site looks different… or is it just me?

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