Fae Tactics Update: We have a composer!


Development on our SRPG, Fae Tactics is still coming on strong! So strong, that I forget to update you here on the Endlessfluff blog. If you follow us on twitter you might already know this but…

 Fae Tactics now has music and it’s the beautiful sounds of SAM ENGLISH!

It has been a treat to work with Sam so far. His style and melodies are a perfect match for the style we’ve been developing for this project. (we really enjoyed Vagante’s OST. Check that out )   I knew we’d be thrilled if we could hire him as composer but I didn’t anticipate how pumped I’d get after hearing each new track he creates. Things are brewing here in our little office… good things, highly inspired work. I wish I was 100 times faster so we could share the whole game the way we envision it with you, but quality takes time and effort.  For now, why don’t you listen to Sam’s tracks: Wasteland Battle while observing some new screens.



The battle begins!


Rough look at talisman selection


Aquatoise has quite the helpful passive ability!

So what are we shooting for at the moment? We are currently working toward finishing the first 1/4th of the game. At this stage we are having fun by adding in things we didn’t plan for but we are also carefully keeping the entire game and its needs in mind. We can’t afford for the entire game to take too long in production so we would like to finish this first chunk of the game in the coming months. That sounds like a long time for this first chunk of the game but it includes a lot of preliminary programming framework and design passes. These things take a lot of tweaking. We anticipate development will go faster as we move forward.



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9 Responses to Fae Tactics Update: We have a composer!

  1. Nice, some of his tracks sounds really promising so far!

  2. Neuro says:

    faerie sounding xD
    and so, epic story should be ^__^

  3. zoul7 says:

    hope there would be a demo because for now it’s seems not interesting for me – but the music i like

  4. gruevy says:

    Am I misreading something, or did you drop Zach Parrish, whose soundtrack for Valdis Story was one of the best ever?

    • Caro! says:

      Zack’s Valdis Story OST is one of the best ever. His work is somber in places and has a beauty to it that fits the tragic atmosphere in Vs. His style is exactly what we were looking for, for Valdis Story. This new game has an entirely different feel and we have a different direction. Anyway, I hope you’ll see that come together later. Cheers!

  5. Linear arc says:

    What does a tortoise do in the summer, put on its party-fin and swim-shell :D. Also ‘the coming months’ is literally summer you workaholic bunch

  6. Fluffy Fae says:

    Holy shit i thought they stopped making games after Valdis, LoF, and Nimbus

  7. Dusty says:

    Cool, Sick, Awesome.

    Always look up to u guys! 🙂

  8. Jonathan says:

    I could compare this to greats like Chrono Trigger. Amazing work please keep it up.

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