Fae Tactics Dev Round Up

So you want to know what’s up with this game and you’ve come to check the blog…

Welcome back! Development is coming along smoothly. We did take a brief 2 week break in April. My family coordinated a trip to Peru in honor of my dad.  We visited the place where he grew up.  We had to drive a long 8 hours through the Andes Mountains to get there. I’ve always heard of this legendary trip as a kid and I was so happy to finally make the trek. The Andes Mountains and Mantaro Valley were Miyazaki levels of beautiful.


Scheming local native.

Anyway, we are back and development on Fae Tactics is coming along smoothly. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been working on.

Dialogue Design and Implementation:

We’ve implemented character dialogue systems!


The portrait you see above is a work in progress. We’re aiming to have multiple expressions per main character. That could potentially add up to a lot of work so it’s not a priority at the moment … but damn it, who needs sleep anyway.


Isometric Tiles: Concept to Creation. 

Kyron is the pixel man and tile master. I don’t have much experience with it and he’s very quick. He can make a tileset from the top of his head but since he’s programming, it’s a lot of work already. So I’ve been making the concepts for isometric tiles.

This is one of my tile concept designs. It isn’t a concept for a particular room in the game. It’s an illustration that brainstorms doodads for an interior themed tile set.


Here is the colored version that helped Kyron choose pixel colors. It should be quick and fulfill it’s purpose. I love to paint everything in detail but it’s not an illustration. It’s rough concept art. I always liked seeing rough concept art from movies and games. There is a certain beauty to it.


And here it is in the editor after Kyron translated everything to in-game assets! I recreated the room from my concept just to show all the objects and doodads this generated.


Many different types of locations can be made from these parts.


More Stairs.



That’s all for now.  You might have noticed some of these images have popped up on twitter and facebook. They have, but not all of them. You can follow us over there but I will always update here too. Cheers.


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4 Responses to Fae Tactics Dev Round Up

  1. Will the editor be released as well? 😛

    • Caro! says:

      Though we thought about it, it would require a lot of cleaning up and additions to be considered for release! Right now, that’s too much to even think about.

  2. L says:

    Iam glad to see some progress.

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