About that Update.


Look out for Monday, May 4th 2015.

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12 Responses to About that Update.

  1. Josefsson says:

    Get hype!

  2. Myhr2 says:


  3. Rickard Henningsson says:

    Will you do more to market the game this time? Have you tried to contact any websites like kotaku, ign gamespot etc? I really think that your game deserve more exposure then it got when you first launched it.

  4. mohamed says:

    i hust love this game.

  5. Kentucky Friend Chicken says:

    When is the update release planned on GoG platform? 😀

  6. IcyD3mon says:

    Oh you guys! how much i have waited and longed for this time!

    Time to go for the world first!

  7. skynnex says:

    So cooool !!! May the 4th be with you!

  8. Requiem says:

    Are you guys already able to play with the new characters ?

  9. Lord says:

    Mac patch, is it already working?

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