Marching On

So looks like the days have flown by since the last update. Time to break the silence.

Dropping News

The status of the Valdis Story update is… we’re only waiting for a few more assets but after that we’ll be done with all content. When that happens, the update will launch a Mac build and include both Vladyn and Gilda. That’s right, the next update will have both characters. No year long wait for Gilda! That’s not even including all the other stuff we put in there. Exciting, yes!?

Extended Album

Valdis Story coming to a close also means Zack completed all tracks for the game. In fact he’s just released the expansion album for sale. Have a listen over here then gently open your wallet and violently throw money at him until he can’t handle it anymore.  No really, there are 10 tracks on this and it’s pay what you want. Zack is a crazy kid. Pay the dollar dollars.

Lines and Scratches

In the meantime, I’ve been working on another wallpaper. This time it’s for welcoming Gilda to the game. Here’s a sneak


That’s all for now!

Thanks for hangin’ in there!


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21 Responses to Marching On

  1. Sennin says:

    great news!!!!
    i’m so exciting!!!

  2. sebastian hernadi says:

    oh yes!!!

  3. zmashko says:

    Thanks for being awesome guys =)

  4. zoul7 says:

    Omg, thats so freaky amazing!! Can’t wait more longer for the release *-* but take the time you all need. Thank you Caro, Kyron and Zack! :DDD
    To the pay what you want info: Last year i payed for the OST but now there are more songs in. So i downloaded it now for free. Hope you all understand : )

  5. Butts says:

    Can you guys please add a menu option to disable character voice sounds? It can be a bit distracting while playing and that’s the only request I have, everything else about the game is fantastic. Thank you!

  6. asdfasdf says:

    What a great surprise! This game kicks ass and Gilda was the character I wanted to play the most. I can’t wait till this update is out. Bought Valdis back in December 2013 and have been waiting for the update ever since.

  7. LorMus says:

    Really looking forward this huge update! 🙂

    Have you already planned a release period? Please make sure to have it available throughout GoG as well, other than Steam version!

    Good luck and keep up with the amazing work!

  8. Jarek says:

    Hey guys ^^

    It’s almost a month now from your announcement – is there some release date now or still not decided? xD 🙂

  9. GradowGradow says:

    does ‘mac’ support imply ‘linux’ support?

    • Caro! says:

      We can only attempt that linux build after this update. So we’re only talking about Mac here

      • Gradow says:

        thanks for your reply!

        I understand… Anyway, I’m very excited about this update anyways! Thank you for keeping this game alive for so long after it’s been out! You are the best! =D

  10. mathiasnobel says:

    This might just be me being slow, but will this update also apply to the Window client?

  11. Krebons says:

    Over a month to add a “few assets”?
    Come on, this update has taken long enough. I like the games you create, but the fact that updates are so slow to come out makes me wary of buying from you in the future.
    I’ve honestly refreshed this page 3+ times each day since last month when this announcement came out.

  12. Kenneth says:

    Have you ever attempted to make a video game? Are you aware of how much time and work even the smallest aspect takes?
    I too have refreshed this page over and over, but I would rather them take their time and release more of the same level of quality than just pump it out.

  13. Mark says:

    I’ve been really frustrated and refreshing the page more than once a day in some cases, but it is a team of three people producing some amazingly polished content. I’m not happy with the wait, but if they say it’s taking that long then it’s taking that long. Why would they sit around *not* working on it?

    Anyway, the next blog post looks like it has some good news…

  14. Krebons says:

    Any way to delete my comments? No need to keep them up anymore thanks to the new blog post, and they’re pretty negative due to how frustrated I was yesterday.
    My bad, I have a serious case of “I want to play Valdis Story so bad that any other game I try to play doesn’t hold my attention”.

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