A Pit Stop Post for Some Art

This is a very short update but it contains goodies.

It’s a Wallpaper!

I know everyone is waiting for the update and we’re working nonstop to finish it. At this point we’re playtesting it, breaking it, and fixing it. While you wait, enjoy this illustration I painted to celebrate the coming of Vladyn.  HAVE AT IT!

vladyn is coming

Wallpaper Download Sizes

A new tune!

Are you pumped? Because Zack  also finished another track and it’s fantastic.  Our musical needs on Valdis Story are minimal these days.  If you’re an indie, in need of music send him a line.

See you next time~


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13 Responses to A Pit Stop Post for Some Art

  1. Lurkermeyer says:

    This makes me happy.

  2. snarf says:

    Keep the good work!

  3. Myhr2 says:

    Awesome art, from both of you!

  4. nekuf says:

    why is everything so cute

  5. I love this game. I think you all have already done an incredible work. So yeah, I’m super pumped for the update. Keep it up! You all rock!

  6. Ragetime says:

    wow tnx

  7. zmashko says:

    Every time I don’t hear from you guys in awhile I begin to get concerned. That’s probably not healthy =P

    Can’t wait =)

  8. Chimaobi says:

    That’s great, now I’ll have a reason to replay the game. Can’t wait for the OS X version, at last! HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  9. Mark says:

    Any word on how things are coming? It’s been two months already 🙂

  10. Omega says:

    Oh wow…Zack is amazing. XD Can’t wait to here where that goes in the game.

  11. Tomtom says:

    you guys really should post some things on steam once and a while. also i know youre a small company at the moment with a huge potential. also this update is taking a crazy amount of time, id much rather it would come out as dlc and get it sooner rather then wait over a year since the last update.
    this is a bittersweet post to be honest as i was a massive fan of the game but im praying something comes out soon or this will go down as a game that couldve been..

  12. Mark says:


    I love – absolutely LOVE – Valdis Story, and i genuinely hope Endless Fluff is making a ton of money, but i’m going nuts waiting for this update. I’m hoping you guys have been working so hard because you’re adding a shit-ton of content beyond what you’ve shown us, but either way please keep us in the loop!

  13. Jarek says:

    Seriously! Guys please give us some more info.
    I’m hoping patch will be soon.
    Can’t wait =)

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