Valdis Story A.C. Now Available On Steam!

Valdis Story is Out Now on Steam!
Photo of a big bunny rabbit! <—-CLICK!
If you’ve already purchased the game through Desura or Humble Store, a Steam Key has been added to your account.

We are having a special discount on the OST to celebrate the steam release. Head over to and use the discount code: steamy_release. This offer expires on November 6th 11:59PM UTC. Have fun and stay tuned for updates.

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10 Responses to Valdis Story A.C. Now Available On Steam!

  1. Rodrigo says:

    how do i get my steam key if i have the game on desura, i dont know what you mean with my “account” all i have is a desura account.

  2. dmitsuki says:

    Um I have the game on Desura, but I have no steam key. What do I have to do to get the key?

  3. Raynys says:

    Can you translate the game in Italian language? If you want i can help you in this case! Please!!!

  4. rawsteelut says:

    Don’t forget the game’s also out on for those who prefer that site! Those guys don’t get NEARLY enough love.

  5. Syvien says:

    Is it possible to put a steam key into the Humble Widget please?

  6. Bernardo says:

    Golden trophy to your post! Your post is seriously good and thanks for all details about gaming you publish right here. I’ve a blog about games as well, nevertheless it does not get much targeted traffic, when you have some tip for me, I will like listen it! Good Bye! And keep up the excellent work!

  7. johnyliltoe says:

    I was so excited to see this got a full release! One of the best games I’ve reviewed and I can finally play more than the demo 😀

  8. BlindCatt says:

    I bought your game as soon as it was available on // Since the last patch the game does not support my controller and I have seen in steam forums I am not the only one with this issue. As good as the game is I do not enjoy playing a game like this with my keyboard. Will there be a solution to this issue soon?

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