Arcane Snowman’s Create a Crew Member Contest

Hey Everyone. One of our beloved backers from the Crew Member Tier has decided to offer his Crew Member slot to the community for Valdis Story A.C. If you want to enter just download crew form HERE. Fill it out and email it to Entry deadline is beginning of next Wednesday. At that point we will select 3 finalist for you guys to vote on. It’s not required, but crew concepts themed around ‘Arcane Snowman’ would be an awesome way to honor his generosity.

In other news, we’ve been working hard on the steam release of the game. All of the achievements are in and most of them have been tested to make sure they trigger properly. Getting the game to work on Steam required an update to the engine we use, so we are going though and trying to find anything that me have broken because of the update. We also have a bunch of fixes, balances, and additions coming in the next version. One of which is a new Hypnotist NPC that will allow you to forget and retrain your skills (for a price).

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  1. Looking forward to the updating game on Steam!

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