Valdis Story: Abyssal City Out Now on Desura!

Valdis Story: Abyssal City

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19 Responses to Valdis Story: Abyssal City Out Now on Desura!

  1. Fix main page then, the Valdis block.

  2. Foofer says:

    Is Desura going to be the only means of distribution until it gets green-lit on steam? I don’t want to wait for steam to get in gear and approve the game, but I’d also rather not have my computer clogged with multiple distribution clients. Are you going to be selling the game directly through your website like you do with Legend of Fae?

    • Kyron says:

      We are working on getting a humble store up now so folks can get the game directly from us. The way we have Legend of Fae setup was not working for Valdis Story and that’s why we were not able to get our site version of the game up first.

      • Michael says:

        I was wondering about this myself, but I couldn’t wait, if you will be providing Steam Keys for Desura purchasers, GREAT! If not, well then I guess you will be getting $30 dollars from me.

  3. 1200Mb VRAM usage, huh? It is not a problem to me, but it could be a problem to someone else.

  4. Mashogo5 says:

    1110MB VRAM usage for me which is a problem because I have 1280MB (GTX470).

    I won’t have time to play this game some time anyway so I’m going to wait for further updates.

  5. Mashogo5 says:

    Yes, around 400-500MB physical RAM for me as well.

    The VRAM I mentioned was with a resolution at 1080p, that could make a difference.

  6. Kyron says:

    We will continue to optimize the game as we make updates.

  7. Nin says:

    Hi! I have a little wierd question. Is the game supposed to be “old school pixelated”?
    I’m asking, because the first demo looked beautiful, but second as well as the game have some strange resolution.
    Is it how it should be or I can fix it?

  8. Foofer says:

    Couldn’t wait to get it directly through the website so I got it on Desura. Boy am I ever in love with the game. I really hope it catches some traction on the larger websites, because this game deserved to be played by as many people as possible.

  9. HolG says:

    Are you going to do a digital download for amazon?

  10. Only two questions:
    If I buy it from GamersGate / Desura / HumbleBundle (when it releases), I’ll be able to get a Steam version?
    Will you make a “deluxe” version? (Game+Soundtrack)


    • Kyron says:

      There will be a OST combo version at some point. I know I can make the steam version available for Desura and Humble store users, but I haven’t looked into Gamer Gate yet to see if it’s possible to give steam keys out through it’s system.

  11. KS89 says:

    Please fix the resolution at 1080p full screen I don’t want to see pixels . the game is really great and beautiful just needs to fix the res .

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