Greenlight Status + Valdis Story available soon

Hey there!

Even though there is a lot to update about we haven’t been able to post it. Sorry about the silence here. Here’s a quick run down of things that have been happening.

Steam Greenlight 

So, Valdis Story has been on Greenlight for 62 days and last week we broke in to top 100. Hazzah!  Out of 1422 games we were # 84.  If you follow greenlight news you already know that the other day Valve greenlit 100 games. It was the biggest batch they’ve ever done. Usually they only greenlight around 15 games.  Even though we were in the top 100, we weren’t pushed through. However we did receive a huge jump up that top 100 list and we are now at #12. We wish we had more announcements to make on our greenlight page but as we are  quickly approaching a release – the next announcement will be an available game for purchase! But hey, if you want to play it decked out with achievements + collectable cards, you can help with just one thumbs up ;D

Ok, when do we get our mittens on VALDIS STORY?

We announced earlier on twitter and facebook that it will be this month and we really mean that. We want to release tomorrow! Notice how I said “want”. We’ve already bumped into a problem. One of our tools that we used to deliver Legend of Fae with is now obsolete and no longer supported. Eep. Should have checked that before saying what we said. But we are working hard to find a way around our issue and keep our word! We’ll keep you in the loop about things. 

I also want to address something I said earlier about blog posts. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to upload the video I mentioned in the second paragraph here.  I’ve tried multiple times to out put it to youtube and CRASH! So annoying. It’s a huge file and lessons were learned about recording myself painting with out pausing for long stretches of time. I also still plan on making those kickstarter related posts. Many things to come after our workload and crunch mode swells down.

In Other news:

Next up – My Fan Art Friday post!



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5 Responses to Greenlight Status + Valdis Story available soon

  1. “Tomorrow”.
    I was almost happy. Almost. Then I read next sentence >_>

  2. UPD:
    Any plans to release via GoG then first?

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