Fanart Friday: Offspring Fling


Hey Guys, here is my little homage to Offspring Fling. It’s an entertaining little puzzle platformer game about a mother (forest animal thing) trying to find her kids and throwing the ones she does find.  There’s a whole lot of baby chucking.  The music and mood of the whole game is really nice. It really does feel like a Snes game I missed out on.  You can find it here:   Or search for it on steam!

Anyway I hope you guys are enjoying these little homages we’re doing. It’s not our intention to not do updates on Valdis Story. It’s simply that we work extremely hard on Valdis Story production and Kickstarter management.  There is a lot of pressure on us as we wrap up the game since our lives depend of the quality of this game. We gatta make it great till the very last drop! So these drawings act as a nice way for us to take a quick break while relieving some stress as we are overworked artists.  That being said I haven’t done enough posts on here regarding  development on Valdis Story and that I intend to fix! Sometimes I don’t have an idea of what to post but I have a few Game Art videos I need to edit and upload. I’d also like to do a series of posts on the entire story of our Kickstarter. From pre kickstarter set up, all the way to creating rewards and reward fulfillment.  We’re still in the process of finishing our game but I think it might be a very interesting story to try to tell. I have also been fiddling around with another Valdis Story wallpaper. If any of those are interesting to you, let me know.

Anyway so expect a game art creation video soon.  And as always for Fridays feel free to share what games you enjoyed because you might inspire a little piece.



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5 Responses to Fanart Friday: Offspring Fling

  1. Lurkermeyer says:

    You guys take as long as you need to! I’m enjoying Fanart Friday.

    For recommendations, I love every game done by indie developer Locomalito, especially Hydorah and Maldita Castilla. If you’ve never tried them you should, they’re free & awesome.

  2. Where is this week’s fanart friday? >_>

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