Fan Art Fridays to Come

Hey Guys,
As many of you may or may not know, Kyron and I are first and formally artists. Artists who as teens played around with game making software which eventually led to game carreers which led to us making Endlessfluff. These days I’ve been doing a lot more game art rather than personal and Kyron programs more than he picks up a pencil. We both think it would be fun to share some art on the blog.

So here’s a new thing we want to introduce to the blog. Starting this week there will be a weekly ‘Fan Art Friday’… of the indie game variety! Here’s the idea, on fridays we’ll share some art we did of another indie game and link to the actual game too . This will be really fun for us and at the same time it might even be the first time you hear of that game. So it’s a win win! Plus I miss making fan art. It’s a really good way to let off some steam! Also, If by any chance you’ve drawn one of our characters- Send it over and we’ll also share it in a post. So there’s another reason to look forward to a Friday.


[Edit] Feel free to leave suggestions of indie games to play in the comments – thanks to idea man : keinzantezuken.

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5 Responses to Fan Art Fridays to Come

  1. Can we suggest indie games for fanart? ;3

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