Choose Your Weapon!

We will be adding a light based weapon to the arsenal to balance things out. We don’t have the time to add all of them, so we leave it to you guys to choose the one you would like to play with most. There are three choices but we only designed two of them. We held a contest for our backers allowing them to design the third choice, and we selected the Seraphic Blades by Paul Luetkemeyer as our favorite to enter the fray.

This defensive weapon offers a hit and run style of play that rewards blocking and timed attacks with increased damage and range.

For those who desire to go all out and do massive damage with little regard for their own safety. The raw power and lightning damage makes this weapon a viable option for both brutes and casters.

Like a bird of prey, single out your target then take to the skies where you will dismantle them with a relentless onslaught of attacks.

Voting Closes next Wednesday the 13th.

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8 Responses to Choose Your Weapon!

  1. Being able to adjust air mobility is a super cool idea with lots of fun ramifications.

  2. Shadoboxxer says:

    I love the Shield concept because of being able to use timing when fighting when just mashing attack could be boring.

  3. M B says:

    My vote is for the twin blades. I always prefer speed to raw power

  4. Deb says:

    I initially said the sword and shield, but I like the way the seraphic blades look, so…blades win.

  5. Altus says:

    Real men voted for the axe.

  6. Purple Square says:

    ALL OF THEM! I seriously love all these concepts. Very well done!

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