Accessory Contest Finalists

After much deliberation, Caro and I have narrowed down the accessory contest entrees to four finalist. Voting begins now and ends next Wednesday Jan 30th. Good luck to you all!

Unlucky Star Amulet by Jennifer Davis
Attributes: +3 Int
Special 1: Increases power of void magic by 50%
Special 2: Reduces Luck to 1. Item drop rate is halved
Affinity: Demonic
Back Story: This amulet was made by a mage who cursed Fortune. He firmly believed that good luck made men complacent and relying on your own skill is much more important than good luck. This particular mage had planned on making more of these amulets but he tripped on the way down the stairs to get more supplies and broke his neck making this accessory one of a kind.

The Masochist’s ring by Eric Gordon
Attributes: +2 Str / +1 Int
Special 1: On successful kill your attack and magic damage goes down by 2 (Min -20)
Special 2: When hit, your attack and magic damage goes up by 4 (Max 20)
Affinity: Demonic
Back Story: A demon prince of chaos decided his followers were being too cautious, so he granted them all magic rings that rewarded feeling pain with increased power. His human followers eagerly took up these demonic gifts, and then reveled in every injury they recieved in battle. Of course, their foolhardiness ultimately led to their deaths. The rings remain, though, for any adventurer with a taste for living on the edge.

Justin’s Gloves of Haste by TJ Wissler
Attributes: +2 Agi
Special 1: Attack Combo + 2
Special 2: Attack Damage -25% / arrows deal double damage
Affinity: Balanced
Back Story: Justin was a well known fighter before the goddess war began. Refusing to side with either goddess, he was able to overcome hundreds of enemies before he was felled by an archers arrow. His gloves contain a fragment of his skill.

Tunnel Vision by Jay Greschner
Attributes: +2 Str / +1 Agi
Special 1: On weapon hit, +2 attack damage ( max 20 ). Resets when hit.
Special 2: On weapon hit, -4 armor ( min -40 ). Resets when hit.
Affinity: Balanced
Back Story: These glasses were built by a man so focused upon his work that he lost track of everything around him. This essence of fixation passed into his finished product upon his death. The user of these glasses focuses on what’s before them, ignoring the rest of the world and leaving them vulnerable. A physical blow (usually a smack upside the head) breaks their concentration but not for long.

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  1. Altus says:

    Everyday we tunnelin’

  2. Remarkable! Its actually awesome article, I have got much clear idea about from this paragraph.

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