Jam Packed Update

Music, Tumblr and Video!

So we’ve been working hard to catch up after losing a good amount of time to crazy new york hurricanes.  We’ve been reassessing our  schedule and we will  have to delay the release of Valdis Story AC .  We originally planned to finish Valdis in January. We want Valdis Story to be a great experience from beginning to end. We wouldn’t want to cut out anything we planned for the game because of lost time. We don’t have the exact date yet, but it will still be 1st quarter 2013 so it’s not too far off.  I know, it’s still a bummer but we hope the goodies in this update will soften the blow

The content in this update was made public recently and shown to our kickstarter backers. We wanted them to see it first but today it’s your turn- BEHOLD!

Valdis Story Musical Compositions:

We’re really excited to reveal some of Zack’s  amazing work on the Valdis Story soundtrack.  And even more excited to reveal the main theme “In the Wake of Valdis”  for all to hear!

-In the Wake of Valdis


We’ve been able to hear these for a while and we are incredibly grateful being able to collaborate with such a skilled composer.  You’ll see what I mean below- Here is a preview of several Valdis Story tracks that he put together! Thanks Zack!

-Sound Track Preview


And in case you missed one of the earlier blog posts, you can also listen to the full track from the Frozen Mausoleum zone.
-Frozen Mausoleum


Making of Garden BG Video:

We know that some people really enjoy seeing how game art is made. Here’s a Time Lapse of the Garden Area being painted in Photoshop. I hope to record myself creating game art more in the future as I’ve finally got over the stage fright of recording my screen! Maybe next time there will even be audio!

-Making a Garden Video




We have kept a private tumblr where we post progress on things just for ourselves really. I created it as a way to really mark the passing of time for us. It’s sort of like a Family Scrap book.  It was a secret but now it’s public for all to see!  Gaze your eyes upon Endless Fluff’s Tumblr!
-Endless Progress


The Lost Crew:

So as you know, we were gone from our home for a month and worked on VS only minimally. What we did get to focus on was Wyatt’s Lost Crew. If you didn’t know already, The Lost Crew is a cast of characters created by the most generous members of our Kickstarter Campaign. We’ve been going through one by one and finalizing the crew with feedback from each member.  Each member plays a different role in the game in assisting the player character. We plan to occasionally post highlight videos of crew members as they are completed. The Lost Crew is a really unique experience for us as it’s been a way for some of our fans to really become a part of our game.

That’s all for now!

Carolina- OUT

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