Hanging in there

Things aren’t totally back to normal, but it’s getting there. We are working on a big update for our kick starter backers and our followers here on the dev blog, but that is still a week or so away, so keep an eye out.

For now I will talk a little bit more about how I approach concepting for our games.
This handsome son of a gun is the “Feral Yeti”. We’ve only talked briefly about the category of enemies called ferals that are in Valdis Story AC. I’m sure some of you have noticed these strange creatures seem to have an aquatic lifeforms sort of theme going. Most if not all of my concepts have some sort of base idea that I use as a reference or building point towards a final design. The reference can be from another work of art or something found in nature.

Now you may be wondering, what kind of crazy @$$ interpretation of the classic mythological Yeti was this based off? Oddly, this character is based of an actual real life creature found in nature, not to offend any Yetis that may or may not exist. And that creature is this guy, the Yeti Crab. Now that’s a hell of a starting point for a strange creature.

So now that I had a reference, I needed to take into account what I need/want this particular character to do in game. I needed him to be large and intimidating so that was determined by the size/height in comparison to the player. I wanted to give the player a clear understanding of the effects of this enemy’s actions so I use the larger arms to convey slow, heavy/unblock-able attacks while the smaller arms are used for quicker jabs that can be defended against. The lower half of its body was made smaller and less imposing so that attention would stay on the parts of the creature that are a threat, and also give it a unique and interesting silhouette. I’ve always found snow owls to be creepy as heck, so the mask like face is inspired by that. The owl like face conveys intelligence, but this is not in the players favor. Smart enough to hunt you, but not reason with you.

The result is the kind of creature that gives you the impression that if you don’t get out of there quick, you’re probably gonna have a closed casket funeral.

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