Just a look at two of the low ranking classes of angels you will encounter often in the game. The Angelic soldier and zealot. The angels skill levels were set to near max level in this video to show most of they abilities and behavior, so they don’t start the game being this hard to fight.

Alagathian Soldier:
Some of you may recognize the soldier from the original VS demo. In the old demo they had wings but were still pretty much land bound. I gave them flight Ai and made them mostly play keep away, only advancing near you when they are going to attack and poking at you from a medium distance. They are more of a harassing enemy and they aren’t too sturdy. It’s best to deal with them before fighting other enemies or navigating platforms.

Alagathian Zealot:
The Zealot is a new class we designed to replace the Alagathian Priests from old VS demo. The priest where stationary heal units that would heal any angels injured nearby. While the zealot does have a group heal it is not that powerful and no longer the primary skill. The Zealot is a very aggressive class, dashing at it’s target and unleashing combos with both physical and magic damage. The zealot has an uppercut move it uses to serve you up to the soldiers. It’s best to keep zealots on the ground, as they have anti aerial moves they use to stop themselves from being juggled.

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  1. Shiru says:

    Awesome stuff !! They seem to be hard to defeat !

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