Valdis Story A.C. News and OST preview

We are very busy drawing sketches in the art books for our kick starter backers at the 100$ tier and up. We are also in the middle of upgrading the game engine. Most of the code transferred over seamlessly and the transition should be completed in a week or so. The engine upgrade already has a notable performance increase but the main reason we made the switch was to make the mac port much easier to create.

In other awesome news, we have a preview of the Valdis Story A.C. OST. Check out the ‘Frozen Mausoleum’ track composed by the talented Zack Parrish.

You can find more of Zacks work at

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6 Responses to Valdis Story A.C. News and OST preview

  1. Shiru says:

    Awesome track !!!!
    Engine upgrade… so you moved from Game Maker to… ? Unity or something else ?
    Keep making this awesome game 😉 !

  2. commensurate says:

    I remember you said you were experimenting with different engines, what engines were they? Has anything come of that lately? And what is the likelihood you’ll use a different engine for your next game? (And what is your next game?)
    I think you should stick with Game Maker for rapid prototyping though, for sure.
    Roughly how much of a performance increase have you made moving from Game Maker to GM Studio? I recall Legend of Fae being a little jittery when a lot of things were happening on screen.
    Also, do you intend to get on Greenlight? I do think you should wait until you’ve got a late beta (maybe a demo) before you submit it there though. If you can use your kickstarters to seed the upvotes, you could reach a good position easily which would in turn increase your outreach.
    Btw, are you two working on this full-time now? Other than the composer, are there any other contractors?

    Sorry for all the questions, I’m just so curious!

    • Kyron says:

      We experimented with both torque 2d and Unity. We got pretty far in torque, the basic platforming and room transitions were done, but development was progressing too slow. The next time we check out an engine it would be on a simpler game. Legend of Fae is actually 2 engines behind GM studio so the difference is pretty vast in terms of performance. (It was built in GM 7 then transitioned to 8.0 early on)

      No plans for green light at the moment. We both work on the game full time. There are no other people are working with us besides Zack Parrish at this point. We will announce any future projects here on the blog when the time comes.

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