Residents of the Abyssal City: Part 4

Vladyn, a mysterious wanderer, joined Wyatt 5 years ago during what is now known as the Fall of Hyogokun Mountain. His cynical sense of humor tends to push Wyatts buttons, but he remains one of his closest and most trusted advisers. While the crew look to Wyatt as their leader in battle, most of them see Vladyn as their tactical leader. He makes sure everyone is taken care of and is often a mediator between their ragtag crew comprised of humans, demons, and angels.

Vladyn is no stranger to combat and is called “The Hundred Demons Arm” by some, because of his strange left arm that houses the souls of many demons. Not all of the demons within him are cooperative, but many of the souls aid him in combat both directly and indirectly providing magical auras and attacks.

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4 Responses to Residents of the Abyssal City: Part 4

  1. Shiru says:

    Awesome !! So… he’s a member of the famous “Lost Crew” ?

    • Kyron says:

      He is part of the crew but he isn’t one of the lost crew created by our kick starter backers. He is one of the original characters found in the old Valdis Story Demo from long ago. He can be acquired as a “Summon” character if the right conditions are met in the second stage. He actually isn’t completely functional in the old demo since his ability to randomly invoke demon souls from his arm was never implemented. Instead he kinda just floats around the player and punches stuff occasionally.

      • Shiru says:

        Thanks for the reply !
        I got it… that’s interesting 😉 !

        Will there be other “Summon” characters??

        • Kyron says:

          In Valdis Story A.C. Vladyn will eventually be a playable character. The basic concept of the summons from the old demo has been redesigned into what is being called assist characters. Some of the “Lost Crew” members are assist characters. Faolan, the wolf that joins you in the 3rd stage of the old demo will also be an assist character in the game.

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