From Concept to Life ( Templar pt.2)

Quick update time. The Templar armor was easy enough to model but I had to figure out how I would approach it’s body. The gods can grant power to those they deem worthy, and the Templar is an example of too much power given to a vessel that could not contain it. There are other enemy design that show this at various stages, but the Templar body is completely gone and only light magic remains.

Originally I was going to just have the armor pieces floating for the model (sort of Ray Man like) but it got a little confusing when it came time for paint overs and you could see armor parts in the back through the spaces where the body should be. I made plain white geometry for the representation of his bodies silhouette to clear up the confusion and help make the paint over more consistent.

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3 Responses to From Concept to Life ( Templar pt.2)

  1. rodrick says:

    Holy cow poop Batman!!! Your sprites are as cool as ever. What 3d modeling software are you using before you send them to Photoshop? Or the ‘shop’ as they call it in the hood.

  2. Shiru says:

    Awesome design 😉 !

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