Residents of the Abyssal City: Part 3

(O _ O) Sorry, a bit late with this update.

Bat Mistress (Demon)
These Sorceresses are mid ranking soldiers in the dark army of Myrgato. They can summon demon bats at will, which swarm around them in a defensive formation keeping enemies at bay while the mistress casts magical bolts from safety. If an enemy manages to get close they are known to tele-port short distances leaving demon bats in their wake.

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2 Responses to Residents of the Abyssal City: Part 3

  1. Sonvar says:

    You may not always get comments from me but I do appreciate the updates and also not having to create a forum account to get updates

    • Kyron says:

      Must of missed this response, sorry about that. Glad you enjoy the posts, we will try our best to keep them interesting.

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