The Feral

We have mentioned them before, but now is the time to shed a little light on these new additions to Valdis Story A.C.

The ‘Feral’ are vicious creatures that began to appear in the city shortly after it fell to the bottom of the sea. There are no records of creatures like these anywhere, and no one knows exactly where they came from. The humans, demons, and angels that dwell in the city learned quickly to avoid Ferals at all cost since they devour anything that is not one of them. Fortunately Ferals rarely leave their established territory, but recently they seem to have become restless and have been showing up outside their normal haunts.

The two feral concepts above have been dubbed the Reaper and Siren types by the people in the city. Reapers are incredibly agile and are known to burrow through the ground and surprise their prey. The Siren’s control of magical energies rivals that of the most powerful Warlocks. Siren can create elemental storms to decimate trespassers.

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1 Response to The Feral

  1. Altus says:

    Sea creatures? Tentacles? I wonder who’s idea this was….

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