Valdis Story A.C. Armor Creation Contest!

This Wednesdays update is a special one.

We would like to announce the Valdis Story A.C. item creation contests. These contests will allow you guys to get involved in a small part of development. The first contest will be to create an ‘Armor’ item for the game.

Armor in Valdis Story is not some disposable item that you discard after upgrading in the next town. There is no armor that is just better without question. Each armor has it’s own unique stats and special traits that lend themselves to different character builds and play styles.

How To Enter:
Entering is easy, fill out the following stat properties and send them in an email to . Be sure to put VSAC Armor Contest in the subject title.

Armor Name:
Attributes: (A total of 4 Points Max)
Traits: (3 traits Max)
Special: (unique ability)
Affinity: (Angelic, Demonic, Balanced)
BackStory: A good story may set you apart from the rest of the crowd 🙂

List of Attributes/Traits currently in the game at the bottom of post*
Don’t be afraid to make up your own traits and specials. If we like the general idea of the traits and specials you make up we will mold and balance it to work. We will also balance the numbers and modify the story to fit if necessary for the final version. Here is an example of an armor that is already in the game.

Armor Name: Judicator Raiment
Attributes: +2 Int / +2 Agi
Traits: +10 Armor/+5 Resist/+Running attack damage
Special: Critical attacks restore 2 mana.
Affinity: Angelic

Submission deadline is May 30!
After the Deadline Carolina and I will select 3 finalist which you guys will vote on to decide the winner. The winning armor will be included in the game along with the creators credit.

Extended list of traits as requested*


Special traits
(These are general traits. Doesn’t include custom special traits on the items currently in game)
Armor (reduce physical damage)
Resist (reduce all magic damage or specific element if named)
A. ruin (ignores set amount of armor stat)
S. Ruin (ignores set amount of magic resist)
Focus (duration of focus mode)
Focus Effect (a passive power only active during focus mode)
Physical damage (can be separated by range or melee)
Critical chance
Critical damage
Magic Damage(light/dark/ice/fire/thunder/void/poison/divine)
+Hp (either flat number or %)
+Hp Regen
+Mp (either flat number or %)
+Mp Regen
Affliction Chance
Affliction Power
Affliction Resist
Immune to… (light/dark/ice…etc)
Life Steal (return life from physical damage)
Vamp (return life from magic damage)
Mana Steal

(Some of the possible actions in game to draw inspiration from when making your own traits)

-Melee attack
-Ranged Attack
-Magic Attack
-Aerial attack (physical or magic)
-On successful hit
-On critical hit
-Getting hit
-Getting critical hit
-Use potion (hp/mp)
-Killing blow
-Stealth ( Video ) (drains mana over time, any attacks end stealth mode)
-Skill cancel
-Dash (performed after skill cancel)
-Dodge (normally dodge is triggered by using dash maneuver through an attack)
-Combo (length/style rating)

Focus Mode
Gain focus from combat, when the focus meter is full Focus mode can be activated. During Focus Mode Atk/Mag power increases as well as mana regen. Some Items and skills on the skill trees add extra traits to Focus Mode.)

Each magical element has an affliction type linked to it. Afflictions have a chance to happen on spell hit (sort of like a magic parallel to critical strikes). The player will have to learn the affliction skill from the magic skill tree for their spells to have a chance at causing affliction.

Light Class Magic
Light: Silence (Can not cast magical abilities)
Ice: Freeze (Freeze in place for a duration)(Shatters if hit with physical damage)
Thunder: Static (Reduces Atk/Mag power)

Dark Class Magic
Dark: Corrupt (Reduces Armor/Resist)(Neutralizes all healing effects)
Fire: Burn(Damage over time)
Void: Stun(Disabled for a duration)

Misc Magic
Poison: Poison (Low damage over time) (Reduces mana over time)
Divine: Reckoning (Physical attacks against a target marked with reckoning do additional Divine damage)

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3 Responses to Valdis Story A.C. Armor Creation Contest!

  1. Altus says:

    How many submissions per person?

    • Kyron says:

      There’s no limit at the moment. We’ve received a lot of entrees so far, but its currently still manageable. If it Starts to get crazy we will put a limit, but the people who already entered multiple time before the limit was set will still have all their entrees counted.

  2. RacerDelux says:

    Good Luck everybody!!!! Lets see some cool stuff!

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