Residents of the Abyssal City: Part 2

Assassin (Demon):
These bloodthirsty killers fill out the lower ranks of the Dark Army. When not on the front lines these assassins fight each other in brutal arena style battles in order to rise in rank. They are often covered in scars and bandages from their perpetual fighting. Higher ranking assassins have been known to employ deadly techniques such as vanishing into a cloud of smoke to avoid attacks and inflicting bleeding wounds on their targets with critical precision.

Soldiers are the lowest rank in the Alagathian army, but that does not make them any less dangerous. Alagath has granted them the gift of flight and they use long pole-arm weapons to jab at their enemies while maintaining their distance. The are very evasive will try to wear out their enemy one stab at a time. Higher ranking soldiers are much more skilled with their weapons, unleashing rapid attacks. Some are able to summon Alagathian cherubs to fight by their side.

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