From Concept to Life ( Tagu pt.3)

Time for the Wednesday Update. After the sprite concept I then create a quick low poly model. After the model is rigged and textured I make a quick pose to do a test paint over to get an idea of how the sprite will be in game and see if there are any things I want to change.

I removed the wings from Tagus design (he really wasn’t using those things) and added in Mana crystals on his back. These crystals will act as Tagus source of power and his weak spot during the boss encounter. I then proceed key out some animations for all of Tagus actions. Before I begin painting over all of his frames I use the rough frames in game to test and balance the actual encounter.

On the next part I’ll get into how i design the encounter and maybe show a little bit of the fight in action 😀

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5 Responses to From Concept to Life ( Tagu pt.3)

  1. Kater Karlo says:

    Great, if one can see and read your ideas how Tagus develops from a sketch into the finished game – deeply interesting! I’m looking forward to your next weekly update.

  2. hatim says:

    Would you mind sharing with us what you had to go through to determine which engine to use? I searched pervious posts to see if someone asked this question and I only found one post from you about the possibility of using Unity. Really appreciate any information you can share here. Thanks!

    • Kater Karlo says:

      I’m sorry, but the posting of the UNITY-engine was not mine. I’m not a developer, programmer or any other in this way, but an enthusiastic gamer. That’s all. I hope, I have not disappointed you too much. Goodl luck! 😉

    • Kyron says:

      I actually started prototypes in Unity, Torque 2D, and XNA. The torque 2d prototype got the furthest before I decided it was taking too long for me to prototype in these engines since I was learning the languages as I was going. I switched back to making the prototype in GM 8.1 and in about a week the base of the platforming and combat was done so we just kept going from there.

      • hatim says:

        Kater and Kyron:
        Thank you so much for your responses. Your game is looking awesome and you managed to do all of that using GM. Best of luck with your game.

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