KickStarter Shirt Vote

Hello There!

This post is for those of you on KickStarter that currently pledged to get a shirt or are interested in pledging to that level. Vote for the  shirt that gets printed!

Poll Ends Friday 4/13/12  ( Next friday)

Have a great weekend!

Edit Time! Hey Guys, the winner is #5  with 27.51%. 2nd place went to #1 with 20.96% which is pretty close. Thanks everyone who voted and I hope the shirt will keep you cool and snuggly.


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12 Responses to KickStarter Shirt Vote

  1. Seizui says:

    I vote for #5

  2. Totally love the black and white one, its even better looking than i imagined ^_^

  3. ryansox says:

    5 is winning 🙂 It just looks so epic :):):): xD

  4. Carolina! says:

    Yea black with white is growing on me, Dave :3
    I went for number 1 but I want to wear all of them…

  5. Kater Karlo says:

    Number 1, because it reflects the nice colours of the game best.
    But I love the oher five too! Ö_Ö

  6. Seth.D says:

    I vote for #1.

  7. oiyana says:

    Hope you are also making the tee in toddler size. My son will look super cute in it.

    • Carolina! says:

      Jac? 😀 I’m going to look into how much extra that would cost me to do a few baby tees. Babies grow fast so the best I could do is aim for a kids tee for older kids. Hope that works

      • oiyana says:

        Yes it’s me jac. Thanks for looking into making kiddy tee. I can also save the shirt until my son who is 17 months old is old enough to wear it . By then you and kyron will be super famous, and the shirt will become a collectable item 🙂

  8. Ren says:

    5 is winning! It’s my favourite, but I didn’t expect it to be the first (I usually always choose the least favourite option in a poll… :/).

  9. So I didn’t quite donate to the level needed so I’ll abstain from voting. 🙂 I would love to know who/what the characters are — the goddesses and Wyatt are obvious, but are all the rest baddies? Which are angels/devils?

  10. Zack Bennett says:

    You should put that design up on Redbubble or something so that I could buy one. ❤

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