VSAC KickStarter Update.

Hey everyone. Last week I said we would make a post every Wednesday to update the development of Valdis Story and the progress of our KickStarter campaign. We Didn’t expect to reach our goal before this update let alone double it (O_O). Once again you guys are Awesome! We will make an update on the KickStarter page as soon as we finish getting together examples of the goods like the T-shirt and wallpapers and stuff.

Thanks to the extra funding we will be adding combat voice over to the game for special attacks, enemies, etc. But that is a ways down the road. For now here’s a quick look at the ‘Soul of the Frozen One’ an Ice magic soul that allows you to cast Ice spells. You can also see some of the work in progress for the second zone in the game. The demons are only there as placeholder you will be fighting angels in this zone once I have more of them complete.

In other news head over to the Take Up Arms post to vote for the weapon you think should be added to the game. For a while it looked like Bow & dagger was running away with the victory but whip is making a comeback. Grand Mace needs some love.

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1 Response to VSAC KickStarter Update.

  1. No no, bow and dagger rules! Long- and short-range weapon in one? Sign me up! *grin* *off to see if I can vote more than once…)

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