Gamemaker + Steam

I’ve been getting some emails about how Legend of Fae, a gamemaker game was technically able to get on Steam. Well,  we collaborated with our friends at Render Dragon for help. They recently wrote a Blog about it. Check it out here:

In other news, here’s what I’ve been working on today. Below is a work in progress snapshot of a background for Valdis Story A.C. :

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6 Responses to Gamemaker + Steam

    • Carolina! says:

      Oh! That stands for Work In Progress. I’m so used to using that acronym in art communities that I forgot that it’s not entirely clear to everyone!

      • Thanks. I was scared yesterday to hear a National Car Rental commercial about the ROI by EOB and I realized I knew what they meant. I’m turning into a corporate flack! 🙂 My head is full of both marketing and medical acronyms at this point….

  1. Sarah Hester says:

    I was wondering if there was any chance you guys would be thinking of making any further changes to the game. As much as I love it as it is, there are some smallish changes I think would make it even more fun; the option to skip dialogue, the option to not have to switch between the two play modes (just click the top to go ahead and do your actions without having to wait for the screen’s view to change, etc.) and just add the elemental guide to the side, etc. I also have issues with seeing loot drops and mana drops because the screen gets too dark on the sides when I win a battle – I’ve missed several item drops due to this, as well as from being unable to gather those loot drops when the game had dialogue. I have also seen a few grammatical/spelling errors, but I didn’t take screenshots of those, nor write them down. I just wondered about the gameplay things I mentioned before, because it might make it easier to be a more actiony puzzle-rpg.

    I DO really like the story, and I love the sprite art work. Awesome animations, and I love Claudia and her elemental buddies as characters.

    • Kyron says:

      Hey Sarah,
      We are glad you enjoyed the game, and we will take your feedback into consideration. Originally when the game was developed there was no screen shifting between modes and the spell summoning was triggered automatically with a time delay after gathering enough mana, but after play testing we consistently got feedback from players saying they would get wrapped up in the puzzle part of the game and completely ignore or forget about the top part of the screen until they were almost dead or died suddenly and didn’t know why. So we took away the auto casting and put in the screen shifting to bring a little more focus to the top part of the game. I agree, for more advanced players the shifting is just a delay, but tweaking it will take a bit of balancing. We’ve had multiple proof readers, but errors always slip through the cracks.
      We are very busy on our current project so if any updates to LoF do happen they won’t be until after our current project.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for the reply~ I did not expect you guys to run out and make changes immediately, just wondered if you were done with it. Some game developers get to a point where they cannot or are unwilling to work on a previous game any more for whatever reason, and I was curious. I can understand getting wrapped up in the puzzle part, as I’ve done that some myself and almost died because of it. I am super glad you all took out the auto casting, as I would not have enjoyed that near as much as being able to control what the characters do. I’m looking forward to your other game releases 😉 Thanks~

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