Things that happened while we didn’t update.

Things that happened during this break from the blog. Illustrated.

I had the pleasure to once again work on illustrations for the Metagame. However during that freelance work my computer started dying which led to the loss of 4 hours of work….

But then I got a new PC! We built it from scratch so it was cheaper and stronger!

While that was happening, my mom’s place opened up for rent. It would be farther away but it would be cheaper. We do it!

So far NYC only saw 1 snowstorm. Guess when that happened.

The place is great, it’s just pretty far away from everything so I decided I finally have to get my licence. In nyc you can pretty much live off of the trains. We were doing that until now.

This one is sad but I didn’t want to leave it out. My abuelita passed away. She was really strong and lived to 102 years.

And then there’s the fact that there’s a new cat in the house. He eats and drinks a lot.

I just wish he would choose his water more carefully.

Ok, that’s what happened. Sorry for the crummy drawings but I thought you had to know. Valdis Story is still coming along! Next update will be game related. I promise!

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2 Responses to Things that happened while we didn’t update.

  1. The LOL’ing snowman is my favorite. 🙂

  2. Carolina! says:

    Haha. Yea, snowman’s a jerk.

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