Valdis Story A.C. hand to hand combat.

Just wanted to give a brief look at unarmed combat in Valdis Story. For those of you that played the original Valdis Story you know at the start of the game Wyatt doesn’t have any weapons so he attacks using a limited amount of hand to hand techniques. Once you pick up your first sword however you can never go back to using this style of fighting. In the new Valdis Story I wanted to give Wyatt the option to use the martial arts techniques he learned during his time at the monastery.

By leaving any of the magic soul slots unequipped Wyatt will have a unique martial arts stance left in its place. There are now four soul slots instead of three (we added aerial spells). The combat stances are as follows.

Down: Lion Stance
-unarmed attacks have a chance to cause bleeding.
-attacks mainly using punches.
-with combo master skill unlocked, 4th attack is the only unarmed attack that can guard break.

Side: Wolf Stance
-unarmed attacks have increased chance to crit.
-attacks mainly using kicks.
-with combo master skill unlocked, 4th attack is air born allowing easy transition into dragon stance.

Up: Eagle Stance
-aerial unarmed attacks have increased damage.
-attacks mainly in air.
-this stance launches the target and Wyatt into the air allowing you to single out enemies.

Air: Dragon Stance
-unarmed attacks have increased speed.
-unarmed attacks have increased armor ruin.
-dragon stance is an great way to finish an aerial combo bringing the fight back to the ground to continue the beating.

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3 Responses to Valdis Story A.C. hand to hand combat.

  1. Aztec says:

    Are you guys still making this in GameMaker?

  2. Kyron says:

    The prototype is in GM. The final version is yet to be decided.

  3. Guys, i’m still waiting for the full version. Just wondering when will it be released.

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