BG art creation Part 1: Concept

Hey there,
So it’s Wednesday and it’s time to show you what I’ve been working on. This week I’ve been put to task on replacing Valdis Story’s distant background assets. Specifically the ones that go behind the tiled chip set.
Like you’ve seen in the videos, the work in progress background is made up of a background layer, and 2 ruined building layers that will parallax scroll to create depth. I’ll be replacing the Back Drop, BG layer 1 and BG layer 2 with new art assets.

Before I go and create the new assets, I wanted to make a concept to help generate ideas, mood, color and generally warm up my art muscles by pump’n that good old Photoshop iron. With the concept, I try to go as far as I possibly can because the harder I push the art the better my final game assets will look. So, my hope is that my final assets will reach the feel of the concept while still fitting in Valdis Story’s world.

Here is my Concept for the environment of Abyssal City, a settlement hidden underwater and sheilded by a magical barrier:

BG art creation Part 2 coming soon!

Carolina, out!

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