Challenge week Day 3!

I know what your thinking. Wheres day one and two? Well for some reason I didn’t think of the wonderful idea of posting the progress till today, but I should follow suite every day this week.

So this is the game I’m attempting to make in a week. It’s a very simple concept Side scrolling action to defend your Fort at the middle of the stage. You can collect gold to upgrade your weapons and fortress. The goal is to survive 20 enemy waves and defeat the boss at the very end.

Right now there are two classes Soldier and Scout with there own special abilities. I intend to get Elementalist class in there before the week is done as well as a couple unlock able classes weapons. (and hopefully minions)

Controls for moving around and attacking are pretty much done just have to add in the variety of weapons. Only 3 enemies at the moment, but flying and burrowing enemies should be in by tomorrow. The fort can only be upgraded up to lv 3 right now which is the first lv where it gets the arrow cannon on top. Hills and terrain are randomly generated each time you start the game. Day 3 was good 🙂

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2 Responses to Challenge week Day 3!

  1. Scott says:

    Are you working in Game Maker?

    It sounds fun!

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