Special Announcment Part 2!













The second part of yesterdays announcements is that the reboot of Valdis Story is now in pre-production! The final engine for Valdis Story has not been decided yet but for now it’s between XNA and Unity.

Valdis Story:Abyssal City will take place five years after where the original project left off. Can’t say much about the story yet but we will close off some of the plot points left hanging from the first unfinished project. What we can tell you is that the game will take place in the ‘Abyssal City’ which is the place where Myrgato attacked and killed Valdis which started the ‘Goddess War’. The immense force of the conflict has pushed the city to the bottom of the sea where a strange energy field somehow keeps the sea from flooding in over it. We will post updates soon with more concepts and plans.

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