Special announcment Part 1!

We are very excited about how things are going currently, and with things we have planned so this announcement will be divided into two parts.

First- Legend of Fae is now on sale for 9.99$ to celebrate our joy with not only our first commercial offering, but with other developments that we will reveal at a later date. So go on over to our main site and pick it up if you are so inclined 🙂

Second- This weekend we will be releasing a playable version of the 2 player Nimbus Sky princess. This will be a test version we will be releasing to get some feedback on so if you have time to check it out it will help us a great deal. This version will contain the 2 player mode featuring the new ship (Egret) as well as one of the new weapons. The 2 new stages and new weapons will not be in this one as they are still in progress and need a lot of work.

Third- Tomorrow we will be posting part two of the special announcement with news on our next development!

Also, remember to vote for favorite finalist from the Create your own Fae contest. Grumble bunny is falling behind while centaur holds a narrow lead over Faekenstein.

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