Create your own Fae Contest 1 Finalists!

We are a little late, but the three finalist for the first Create your own Fae contest have been selected. There can only be one winner, it’s up to you guys to decide. The winner will receive a signed custom Legend of Fae poster print featuring their creature. The winning creature will also be included in future Legend of Fae projects. We will be posting the poll in multiple places and adding up the votes in two weeks! Good Luck to the finalist.

Finalist 1 (Design KimJ/ Art Kyron)
Name: Centaur
Element: Earth
Persona: Proud, intelligent
Physical Description: Human from the waist up, equine from the waist down.
Behavioral Description: Expert archers who are often shunned by other fae for their humanoid appearance.

Finalist 2 (Design Linx/ Art Kyron)
Name: Faekenstein
Persona:Badass  Grin
Physical Description:  The Faekenstein would have a Gremlin head, with a horn from the Uni-Lanas. Arms would be Sugoths.  Legs would be like a Gremlin.
Behavioral Description:  Get’s very angry, very easily.  Likes to eat just about anything, and shoots seeds out of its hands.

Finalist 3 (Design Shadoboxxer/ Art Carolina)
Name: Grumble Bunny
Element: Water
Persona: Cute
Physical Descripion: Size of a Small Dog, Gray in color, Blue eyes, and Yellow Tuft of hair on chest.
Behavioral Description: Sleepy, and when awakened, it roars with the sound of a grumbling thunder storm.

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