Legend of Fae

Finally it’s HERE!

Oh snap Son!

We’re happy to announce the release of Legend of Fae. After many sleepless nights we managed to capture enough mythical creatures and grind them up into Game dev powder to finish the game.

Visit our main site to play the one hour demo!
( We are going to be fixing any bugs with the demo this week so report any bugs or crashes to Admin@endlessfluff.com)

-Warning Many Fae creatures were harmed in the making of this game.
-No for real… like a lot of them.

2/4/11: Just wanted to leave a note here saying that we are still fixing bugs and the demo build has been updated a few times already. Those who purchased it already have been given emails on updates and we’ll continue to do so. Thanks!

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48 Responses to Legend of Fae

  1. linxinite says:

    Just tried the demo, the art is awesome ^_^. I really like the storyline so far too. I saw the little creatures in the video but i didnt expect them to come along so fast :3. Im more into fast paced games, so the combat didnt appeal to me as much, but all in all the game was pretty fun. I’ll be buying it soon ^_^

  2. linxinite says:

    Oh yeah, advertise :D. GMC TIGSource, everywhere ^_^. Also, whenever I would press “next” at the end of the chapter it’d freeze for 2 seconds or so. Not a big deal. My computer is an intergrated intel 1GB Ram and a crappy graphics card, so im suprised at how well it ran 🙂

    • Kyron says:

      Thanks for trying out the demo. We’re gonna take this week to fix any major problems that come up before we start advertising. I should be updating the download file tonight hopefully with improved performance.

      • linxinite says:

        Gotcha, i can’t play the improved version because i used up all my demo time, but hopefully that little 2 second pause when pressing next is fixed. I can tell a lot of work went into this, and the storyline makes me want to see more.

  3. ghostxdreams says:

    need a walkthru for Legend of Fae
    i,m stuck @ level 10

    • Kyron says:

      The Troll lord battle in level 10 can be a little tricky the first time, but if you look out for a few things it should help a lot.

      First you should try to make sure you enchant yourself with wind before the fight. haste helps a lot since it allows you to cast spells on a 3 break.

      When the fight starts immediately take out the Uni Lanas. Periodically the Troll will summon Gremlins to his side. You should take out these gremlins as soon as possible so that the troll can not eat them and recover its health. I would suggest when dealing with the gremlins gather all four spell types and use your weakest ones to kill the three gremlins and save the fourth spell (which ever element you’ve been upgrading) to hit the troll. Trolls are neutral so they will take base damage from all spells. Also killing the gremlins frequently means there is a chance they will drop fruit for you to eat and recover your health.

    • ghostxdreams says:

      thanks for the advise kyron but as you can see from the photo [IMG]http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o231/GHOST_CHIPPER/fae/level10.jpg[/IMG]
      i complete each one of the mission and nothing new opens up do i need to complete them in an oder? or do i need to complete them in expert mode?

  4. ghostxdreams says:

    i dont know i guess i dont get it i finshed each one (I/A/E) and nothing new shows up grrrrrrrrrr maybe i,m trying to hard probley so i,ll try later on

    • Carolina! says:

      So you beat one , it was P, now your next options are I/ A / E. One of those letters is the right way to go. You shouldn’t get off the Faery “P…”

    • Kyron says:

      I just tested it 3 times and it progressed just fine, but ill keep looking into it to see if you actually are just cursed. What version of the game are you playing (The version number is at the bottom center of the title screen)

  5. ghostxdreams says:

    ver 1.2
    running win 7 dont really think it,s a win issue think it,s a brain fart issue lol it,s one of those take the right path type deals huh? (a=c=b=d/1=2=4=3=6=5)

  6. Nhubi says:

    Well I gave this a go on the demo and whilst I am impressed by the beauty of it, as far as gameplay goes I won’t be spending the money to buy. It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but it’s frustrating. This is a match3 with adventure additions, fine, but a restricted M3. You can only swap horizontally, which is a unbelievable restriction in gaming terms and the adventure thread overpowers the M3 portion/levelling ability whenever new information surfaces rather than running parallel. I congratulate you on your efforts but it seems like you tried to fit too much into what should have been a fun casual game and made it into something which, for me, was neither.

    • ghostxdreams says:

      as bad as i hate to say it i agree the swap horizontally is a draw back and trying to figure the next move can be a little time consumeing over all i,ll give it a 8 out of 10 i,ll keep checking back for updates dont give up on this it does have something just not yet.

    • Kyron says:

      Thanks for the feed back!

      Legend of Fae is not really a casual game. It’s core design is influenced by the original Tetris Attack rather then the casual bejeweled style mechanic. Both games styles have a restriction trade off. The one we chose allows the player to move as many times as they want without being restricted to only making matches. This allows them to set up there own skill based combos rather then relying on lucky combos to drop in. We also chose it because it allowed for the swapping to be a single click action, so the player would not have to click 8 times to move an orb 4 spaces.

      Towards the end of development we did take steps to address a more casual audience by including easy an mode (which wasn’t originally intended for the game) We are still taking steps to further help the experience for a casual player such as renaming Normal Mode to Hard so a casual player will more likely make the correct play choice. Our Next update will also include mid stage check points, so you don’t have to restart the boss stages or difficult/long stages from the beginning.

      • ghostxdreams says:

        thanks for the update i will be looking forward to it dont get me wrong i have given up on this game but it will be one that i will sit down durning my quiet times and figure out i like the direction you are takeing in upgradeing the game. keep up the good work we are all standing behind you in this. will be checking back every few days once again thanks

  7. Nhubi says:

    Thank you for commenting Kyron. This explains why then this game is not for me, if you were not intending it to be a casual game. I did recognise the old tetris attack movement style though having the orbs fall to replace rather than rise from the base does muddle that recognition a little. I am a little confused by the comment you made re player having the ability to move without being restricted to making matches since the only way to fill up the move meter is to make matches. Also most games of a M3 type are click and drag so the click 8 times to move an orb 4 spaces wouldn’t apply. It would be 4 click and drag in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

    Irrespective you have made a game that appeals to quite a few people and it is lovely to look at and if it doesn’t suit my style then that simply means I will go elsewhere for my enjoyment. I congratulate you on your ability and willingness to continue tweaking what could be seen as a complete game to keep improving it for your audience.

    • Kyron says:

      Thanks again. Sorry I meant moving the orbs around without having to make a match not Claudia. Also dragging is still an extra action that takes up the same amount of time roughly as another click.

  8. Wilma says:

    I would look to play your game but can not get download completed. Download goes over 1hr and then get stops.

  9. Kim says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this game! I’m playing it on the easy mode right now, so thank you for including that. It’s got a great storyline and gameplay with only a few typos in the dialogue.

    I also like that the main character has a disability. It’s mentioned, but it’s not treated as a major plot point. Just a little diversity in RPG sorceresses. 🙂

    • Kyron says:

      Just last night we updated to version 1.3 which now has mid stage check points for the boss stages and longer stages.

  10. ghostxdreams says:

    so wheres the download for the new update?

  11. Kim says:

    Anyone have any tips for defeating [final boss name omitted for spoiler]? I attack the gate because it heals the boss, but then the gate regenerates. I can’t kill the boss fast enough during the brief period where the gate is non-functional.

  12. Moroni-kun says:

    I loved the game but now on I will buy it but wanted to ask a question when you go back to q Valdis the story because I always get full Aden and wanting to play more and more stages and boss monsters when you get back the aproduzir Valdis Story??

  13. ghostxdreams says:

    I see that the forum board is up and running great job
    done signed up and already posting lol

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  15. neunundneunzig says:

    Finished Lv10 boss and one of the path
    But got no star and no new level.

    Thought it was a bug for walkthrough….

  16. Emmie says:

    This is a really great game and I love the dual game-modes. I do wonder at the difficulty though. The battles seemed to jump in difficulty quickly as soon as you reach the boat levels. I have also reached a block with the Wind Gate.

    *Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers*

    I don’t see how to complete the battle with so many boss gimicks. Pan’s wind shield is annoyingly frequent and even once he is down I still do barely any damage to the gate. Any damage I manage to get is then removed when the gate heals itself through stealing my wind mana or through attacking Pan’s illusions. I have tried this level multiple times with different attack strategies and just do not have the ability to get the gate to even half health.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Emmie,

      Pan is definitely tricky! There is a thread on the boards with tips from Kyron on how to defeat him: http://endlessfluff.com/smf/index.php?topic=30.0


    • Kyron says:

      >.< Kim replied before I could get back from the super market lol. She pointed you in the right direction. I would say the most important thing is to place a status effect (any status effect) on pan at all times. this allows you to tell which one is him immediately. The stun status effect from the level 2 earth spell is most effective for completely neutralizing pan.

  17. Misterboy says:

    Links to the forums don’t seem to be working. I’m completely stuck on lvl 30 aka Pan. The game went from being easy to a nice challenge to IMPOSSIBLE for me. This is on “hard” difficulty. I’d love to read forum posts on strategies (though at this point I think it’s hopeless for me).

    I fought Pan and the Gate for 27 minutes and only took off 1/3 of the gate’s health I got carpal tunnel I had to click so fast. I’ve fought him a dozen times and this was my best result. Sigh.

    • Carolina! says:

      Hey Misterboy!
      I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble! There’s a link to the forum on the top of the page.
      The link has been changed so sometimes you have to refresh the browser to get it to work- either that or it was linking to the old forum.
      Here’s the new link:

      • Misterboy says:


        Yes, they must be links to the old forums as the links are all dead. Google searches turn up links to these forums and they are also dead.

        I’ve found the new forums previously, but there are very few posts. I suppose I should make an account and start a thread. It’s too bad the old forums seem to be MIA as google returns a lot of interesting thread titles that can’t be accessed.

        Thanks for the response 🙂

    • Aaron says:

      I’d say the best spells to have for this battle are the stunning earth spell and the fire wolf. The stunning earth spell will instantly immobilize Pan so you can get in a few easy hits on the gate. Also when Pan makes illusions, the easy way to tell which is him is the one that fires 3 projectiles at you in rapid succession as opposed to the ones that fire a slow single shot (them being the illusions). Don’t bother with summons (or area of effect spells) as they’ll probably undo all the work you’ve done on the gate because they’ll target anything active/alive, including illusions(which will heal the gate considerably upon death). I’d say if you’ve bought/upgraded to the summon ability already just reset your lantern and switch out the summoning for the exploding clearing mind gem (which will destroy the shield stone for the gate very quickly). It’ll only set you back 1 spare part for the reset as far as I know. Other than that, if it took you 27 minutes, do not under estimate the power of spell weaving (matching 3 or more symbols one straight after the other) if you are patient enough and lucky enough to get a +5 modifier to spell potency(little “+1/+2/+3 etc” green icons beside your elements), each normal damaging spell is about as strong as a critical hit spell and critical spells are seriously more devastating so you’ll have the level beat in no time. 😛 Hope this helps.

  18. Aaron says:

    Hey any tips for the last boss!? I’m totally stuck *POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING!!!* >@~~~~~~
    The best I’ve ever done was with a max level Water spell that lightnings all other foes, it makes short work of everything but her and then when she has her emerald shield up its reflected and hits me for 130 damage or so, I usually have a fire spell ready to knock it down and prevent this but even when I do succeed in it I can’t even damage her even close enough to beat her (even with the max wind spell(critical)), after a couple of seconds with the fire gate she’s back to full and with stronger minions. I’ve tried multiple strategies too, I’ve tried using summons. Reverted to a save with 49 spare parts (1 for each level up until then) and reassigned for different combinations. And still its no good, I’m still truly stuck. And it is only normal mode. I’d say I’m pretty competent at the game too, like for the first 25 or so levels I got expert score on the first try. Is there something I’m missing like a way to get extra spare parts or is it a timed battle and eventually Hermengildo will jump in to assist? I’m totally baffled. Like the difficulty curve has been pretty steep throughout but even still I’ve never had to reset the lantern up until now and no matter what I do nothing works, this difficulty jump is IMMENSE. Aside from that I love the game. If I get this last boss (assuming level 50 is the last boss) passed I’ll hopefully be posting/writing a full walk-through soon (if there isn’t one already?) : o

  19. Aaron says:

    (random post for no reason other than now I have the “notify me” tick-boxes checked that I didn’t notice before, so that hopefully this will insure that I will be informed when and if someone replies to my above comment!!!) xD lulz

  20. Aaron says:

    Ahhh-I seee!!! just seen the strategy guide post on the forum there now, didn’t realize every time the gate is downed it takes longer to revive!!! 😛 Fingers crossed I beat her this time. xD That evil wench!!! xD luls

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