Endlessfluff.com Change!

Did you notice? Endlessfluff.com was finally updated yesterday after years of saying “coming soon”! That’s a pretty big milestone and marks some exciting times ahead for us and hopefully for you too. Of coarse there are still some pages that are under construction but I’ll get them up when I can. What else is one the way? A forum! My hope is that it will be a place to help players who need game tips and since Kyron and I are primarily artists, art/creation related questions!

These changes will be coming soon but first things first. Legend of Fae, our first commercial game, should be here very soon! And by soon I don’t mean another month. It’s so close, I can taste it. I’m talking perhaps even this week! There will be a demo that lasts for an hour along with the release. Finishing and releasing a game is new territory for us so wish us luck with this one, it will mean a lot for our future projects.

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5 Responses to Endlessfluff.com Change!

  1. Scott says:

    Congratulations on the site update … it looks good! And I can’t wait for the release of Legend of Fae!

  2. linxinite says:

    You realize, if you make this forum, i will love you forever. Im really trying to get into more professional work so this would be awesome ^_^

  3. Carolina! says:

    Well I hope the forum will be as awesome as I’m thinking, Linx! >:3

  4. EmiCo says:

    Site looks awesome, and so does the game! I’m glad you took that sabbatical!

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