Hello there, brave internet traveler! Have you had your fill of holiday charities begging for your attention? Yes? No? Well, I hope there’s some goodwill left in your heart because a mysterious incompetent looking beast needs your help!

So, as the old teaser may have suggested, Legend of Fae has a lot of monsters in it. Many were designed by me but even more were designed by Kyron. Each monster has its own set of animations which is entirely Kyron’s task to animate. You know, Kyron’s great and all, he has his hands in a lot of our game’s production. He codes, game designs, composes music, designs/creates/animates sprites. He’s great right?

Kyron’s left one little monster in stationery limbo and that’s the Aquatoise! He’s just completely abandoned him there with no remorse.

Take a look at this google doc.

Here’s more evidence of Kyron’s total disrespect for the turtle/fish hybrid. (a candid photo of the screen from my phone!)

So, how can you help Aquatoise? I’m going to put Kyron in a headlock and when domestic dispute comes by, just have my back!

Just Kidding! I’m sure the police won’t have to get involved.
Happy Holidays!

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3 Responses to Operation: SAVE THE AQUATOISE!

  1. Linx says:

    That poor turtle fish thing 😦

  2. Kyron says:

    C’mon … look at that guy. He hasn’t got a chance! no one will come to his aide. NO ONE!!!! *pulls cape up over mouth and scurries off into the darkness*

  3. Kbssa says:

    It’s adorable… =D
    I’ll be happy to kill a monster like this.
    Animate this turtle-fish… =D

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