Almost an entire month since the last post. Weird.

It sure is crazy how time flies. It seemed like only a week or two since the last time Kyron posted something here. Well all I can say is, it’s really hard to complete a game and that recommended month of play testing is extremely important. You ever had that retrospective moment in your life where you wish you could tell your younger self to do something better or differently? Well, I wish I could go back just 2 months and smack myself silly about play testing earlier!

We’ve had 3 play test get together (1 a week) and we are still finding some pesky bugs. Play testing has been a bit stressful at times. We work hard to snuff out the issues, we get our hopes up for the next play session and then we find out there’s more bugs! It’s funny, it’s sort of like Asteroids. You shoot down the giant mass of rock and then little the asteroid shrapnel punches you in the face! Anyway, the good news is that today we may have snuffed out the last huge planetoid. It was a performance issue on certain machines. So we are still trying our best to finish this month. We really wanted to finish before Christmas but more importantly we’d like to make sure that the game is release ready.

I’m writing this blog post while a red moon looms over. I hope you caught it too!

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7 Responses to Almost an entire month since the last post. Weird.

  1. Linx says:

    Good luck you guys! I’m hoping you get really far in the indie world ^_^

    • Carolina! says:

      I hope so too! For now, I’m shooting for actually releasing a finished game, single handedly the most difficult thing to do :0

      • Linx says:

        I feel ya on that one ._. . I’ve just turned 16 2day, so i still hvae some time, but damn it’s a lot of hard work ><. Though thanks to Valdis story, you guys art style has influenced my sprites (yay :D).
        –Shamelessly shows his character :D–

  2. Linx says:

    Oh yeah, it didnt influence that character so much :P, but still.

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