Sounds of Fae

This past few weeks I’ve been adding in new battle music into Legend of Fae. All of music for the stages is complete, just been adding different battle songs so that it isn’t the same battle music throughout the entire game.

At the start of this project I was going to use anvil studio to compose midis like the ones I did for Valdis Story, but when Christmas came around Santa dropped Fruity Loops on me. So I have been learning to work with that. We decided the very first battle song I made for Legend of Fae didn’t fit so it was replaced. However the removed song was later used in Nimbus sky princess as the song when she activates her super mode. Since the super mode usually doesn’t last the duration of the song here it is!

Battle Theme!

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4 Responses to Sounds of Fae

  1. Moroni Sparda says:

    Because you guys stop creating Vlad story you guys had a grade game in mind and stop of nothing so please come back to seal it because besides being too would begin to do a lot of success

  2. Carolina! says:

    We really want to continue Valdis Story. However we are really far into Legend of Fae and need to get it done first. The original Valdis Story was a test project for Kyron to learn programing. Because of that, the game is really hard to continue. It’s like a knot of code that would take more time to de-tangle then it would to create again. It would have to be a new game project made from scratch. Also it’s Kyron’s baby and he decides when we can work on it. I think it would be successful too and I’d love to start doing things for it. I hope you’ll enjoy Legend of Fea and Nimbus Sky Princess in the mean time though!

  3. Chang says:

    moroni is right!the valdis story have more chance of succeed!!!please,do this for the fans!!!I sware the valdis story will be the smartest choice!

    • Carolina! says:

      Hi Chang! I promise Valdis Story will happen. Kyron’s been drawing a lot of new stuff for Valdis in his sketchbook. So we totally intend to work on it. But we can’t really drop everything on Lof though. Hopefully Lof will be able to cover costs for other games! When Valdis Story does happen it will be awesome and this time with a solid foundation!

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