Big sprites are Big!

One of the things that sets Legend of Fae apart from our other games visually is the resolution. Its still small(only 800×600) , but its huge compared to Nimbus Sky Princess. As a result the sprites are pretty big. I had to develop a new process for creating sprites at this size. Before you ask why I didn’t just hand draw everything instead of going through the hassle of making such large pixel sprites the answer is ‘just because’. Also it helped keep the file size and loading times decent. Also I didnt know how to get anti alias assets into game maker until 2/3rds of the way through…

Anyway so here is the process.

1-SKETCH: First is the rough sketch of the monster. There are usually 3-4 sketches I go through before I get it to look how I want. Sometimes all 4 sketches are the same, but I keep doing them to adjust myself to the characters details and memorize the placement of all it’s parts for when I have to animate them.

2-Line/Monochrome: After the sketch is done and scanned into photoshop, I do one of two processes. For simpler characters I make a one pixel width outline over the sketch of the characters shape and some of the inner details. After that I fill in the lines with flat colors and get rid of the sketch. For more complex characters such as the basalisk I would use ‘Threshold’ on the sketch to turn it into a black and white image with hard pixel edges. Then I proceed to work the image into a monochrome sprite creating shadows and highlights.

3-TONES: For the last step I add in the tones to the sprite. Legend of Fae characters have a very low number of tones compared to my usual sprites because they are so big and less colors helped make the animations easier. Now its time to animate… Wich I will get to another day!

Peace out cub scout!

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